Right to speak in tourneys

Hi everybody

I’ve just read the almost complete thread of “XXX the cheater” and I want to say something about the matter.

I don’t want to discuss about whether mr S was or wasn’t a cheater. I was intrigued by the fact that his accuser said that he didn’t speak when he thought someone was cheating. Players should be informed that they have the absolute right to speak their mind of something going wrong on tourneys (or, at least, I think they should have this right). This could avoid problems like these in the future and can help with the heavy weight of orginizing big tourneys. Specially EVO.

My two cents


yeah, last i heard. any match that was played can’t be re-done unless both players agree or someshit. but that wasent an’ evo tourney, that was a tourney ran by my cuddie FUGEEEEEEEEE!