Right trigger on a modded PDP Afterglow controller?

Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster.
I’m making an arcade stick and successfully soldered most of the buttons onto the pcb of the Afterglow controller. The problem is (and was) that the right trigger never worked correctly (Would get left trigger & diagonal down + back when sending signal to the middle pin) so in attempt to fix this, i tore off the transistor there. Now the problem is that the right trigger is signalling that it is always pressed down!

Do you guys know if there is any way that to get this button working correctly (or just turned off is fine)?

Turned off is fine.

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Soldering a resistor (About 10KΩ, you can find them at your local radioshack) connected from the left pin to the middle pin, and a resistor from the middle pin to the right pin should neutralize it.