Rightly or wrongly booted from 2 twitch streams? #twitchcourt #chattersrights


Their channels…their rules?


Their streams, their rules. It’s like if f Wiz or one of the Cannons permabans anyone here, it’s within their rights to do so.


There’s nothing more you can do?!!


I only read this part…the rest are just filler to be honest.
“Paying” customer or not…it’s their channel and they can make the rules of said channel.


The thing is it’s actually Twitch’s broadcast platform. It’s Twitch’s rules. Twitch has rules for streamers. Twitch CAN impose rules for a Chatter’s Bill of Rights, because we are the ones with more power than the streamers. We give Twitch their money, not the streamers. If they get bad publicity for sitting on the sidelines while ban-happy streamers are willing to permaban (a proverbial death penalty) over violating minor unwritten rules (a proverbial jaywalking in the country), people should have a right to complain. Twitch is silently losing customers and they can’t see the holes that aren’t plugged. It’s a financial death by a thousand paper cuts.

If you won’t speak up for me now, who will speak up for you when you get permabanned for violation minor unwritten rules?

It’s like getting punished for peeing in a communal urinal and it turns out to be a communal sink. When you see a communal water work, do you think it’s a communal sink, or a communal urinal? I’ve only seen a communal sink once and that’s where I got in trouble. It may seem outrageous to pee in a sink, and if I did that with that intent, I should be punished, but my defense was that was a communal urinal, and the foot pedal was to flush. The problem was it violated health violations to pee in a sink. But I’ve never seen a communal sink, but I’ve seen communal urinals before that time. From my perspective, what I did made sense. From the school’s perspective, what I did was heinous.


…except you don’t.

It’s not about we…it’s about you.

You pissed off an admin in his/her channel, you got banned.

It’s within their right to ban what they feel is disruptive behavior, because it’s their channel.

Just because you give them money doesn’t mean you are exempt from the channel admin’s rules.

You can take it up with Twitch support…but I’m pretty sure you are going to lose that battle.


Fight the Power, REEEEEEE

  1. Twitch rules: https://www.twitch.tv/p/legal/terms-of-service/

These are the rules I agreed to. I searched and there is no Twitch rule I violated, so I’m not in trouble with Twitch. And there is no clause saying the Streamer’s word is law, at least as far as I can see.

Maybe I’m missing it. Can someone point out the clause if I missed it?

Most of these terms deal with broadcasters, not chatters. I don’t think you have to agree to these rules to chat. You just have to agree to the rules the twitterbot posts before your first post is left. Sharpie never had any rules about spoilers until my issue came up, and I argued thee were no rules against spoilers. There were no rules about 13+ level “body talk” or “birds and bees talk” being banned. It was only after I was banned she put up a “family friendly” tag.

If the streamers just make up the law on the spot, isn’t that crazy?


Broadcasters also have the right to set their own rules within their own group.

If you are that adamant…maybe you should indeed bring it up with Twitch if you feel your rights have been violated…

I doubt you’ll go through with it.


You should definitely sue Twitch. This is discrimination. You’ll get so much money.


What would Chazz do?


Dood just take the hint and move it on. Without streamers, twitch would be an empty useless website so of course they’re going to side with a known streamer over some guy in the chatbox.

You sound kinda clueless and not very self aware which is probably what the issue is. I don’t know what you would do about that, but if the sink peeing thing is any indication, it sounds like you need to think about things you say or do before you say or do them.


This is starting to reek of Beguiled…


Twitch streamers get money from views, I’d they ban someone it means they no longer want your money.

If it was me, I would move along.
Dont want my dollars, I will go elsewhere.


Sounds like a personal problem. Let the guy do his wall of text.


Just read the part how you got banned from two channels and saw the wall of text underneath. How can you give that many fucks? Move on squigga.


I admit if I commit a road violation and I get caught, I usually plead no contest just for the insurance purposes so I don’t admit fault if there was an accident involved, and get prepared to pay the ticket.

I know if when I see a sign saying “photo enforced red lights”, I tend to err on the side of caution.

The problem was there were no “roadsigns” indicating the violation I did. it wasn’t in the Twitch terms, and the streamers didn’t specify those rules. I felt they were made up on the spot.

And I have successfully fought 2 Kent State University parking tickets for unmarked no parking or reserved parking zones. A third I saw I couldn’t fight because I didn’t see a sign behind me. I didn’t see it, but I couldn’t accuse them of making rules on the spot. Oh well, $5 gone. At least successfully fighting the other 2 tickets made that one violation cost less.

In other words, if I did something wrong, and I know it now, I’m usually sheepish and accept my fate. But if I couldn’t have known it, I fight like a lawyer.

I did try to take it up with twitch. Twitch did not read my complaint and address it individually. They sent a forum letter saying Streamers have to power to ban people for any reason. I was arguing they were making up rules on the spot, and that wasn’t addressed.

If I violated a universal Twitch rule or a SPECIFIED stream rule, I’d like to know what it is. Chapter and verse. Otherwise, where do I go to get my grievance heard? I tried calling Twitch’s parent Amazon, and even when I got an Amazon operator on my side, Twitch just sent a form letter instead of addressing my specific grievances. It’s like the Twitch chatter grievance department is run by a robot with basic, obvious AI, “for every incoming letter, output letter saying the streamer has every right to ban you from their stream.” The bot is not smart enough to read my case individually.

Twitch needs to have more clear rules between the relationship between the streamer and the chatter. A bill or rights for the chatter/bit giver, as well as the streame’s bill of rights too. Twitch needs to spell out some basic things, and not be arbitrated by a bot. Because Twitch doesn’t have money if chatters are hosed, but streamers would quit if they feel hosed, and without Content, Twitch would be just as bad as if they lose chatters’ money.

Twitch needs to see the current balance of power is out of balance. I don’t assume the chatter is always right, but I don’t assume the streamer is always right either. There are bad streamers and bad chatters. There are good streamers and good chatters. Some things are just a misunderstanding. I think I am a god chater. And I think SharpiePlays and Srslycurious are good streamers. They just turn Incredible Hulk when slightly peeved. So do I. A fault of mine.

Also assuming the streamer is right is akin to a defendant having to prove his innocence having all state claims be assumed true unless challenged, instead of putting the burden on the state to prove their case.

I’ve never been in a position of power, except once, when I was the host and ref of the Nordonia Open, my dad the cameraman was the “instant replay judge”. I tried to make all the rules beforehand so it doesn’t look like I’m making it up on the spot or favoring one contestant over another.

A specific incident when I was in power at the Nordonia Open

In the Championship spotted an out fo bounds ball before a hill which would have made a tougher shot for tis woman who would be champion. I saw the ball crossed out of bounds on the incline, which would have made the ball roll away from the hole. But I would be fair and defer that call to a replay judge. And she was a good enough friend and one of so many girls who I would have like to kiss, but as Vince and Hunter said about the WWE, No one and nothing is bigger than the Nordonia Open, not even my chances of kissing her. (I was actually hoping replay would prove me wrong, which it did. I looked like a principled fair judge, and was fair to look it up on replay. I told her if she was facing a (what find to be a) cuter female contestant, you would feel cheated if my loving eyes interfered with a fair calling of the game against her? When I judge the game, I don’t see man or woman, and all people are racially a generic grey. I only see course geography, ball position, and rules clauses.

I believe all the contestants would say I was a fair arbitrator, because I had no interest in who would win. I even gave cheaters due process despite being blatant rule breakers.


I was wondering what kind of stupid name is Srslycurious
But then I saw this

I might start watching Twitch.


She looks like your average would be “nerd” girl. Except with her being on twitch she’s just a thot.


And she didn’t have a family-friendly tag when she asked what do all her outfits had in common, I, thinking it was a 13+ site because by default it’s 13+ unless there is an indicator for family friendly, which was not shown at he time of my violation, said her wooutfit shows her “milkers”.

I thought Milkers was a 13+ appropriate slang for a female chest. I knew she was into light body building, so the term pecs usually implies a more manly, inwardly flexable chest, which hers does not lok like.

As for the euphamism Milkers, I remember an Episode of the Rugrats both described and showed (in a kid friendly way) Phil and Lil getting milk “the old way” (breastfeeding from their mom.). So that was a litle less degrading of women as sex objects and desribes the exact biological purpose of those things in plain language, albeit sexual ONLY in the fact that women have milk giving ones and men don’t.

I disguise the word “Sexy” by using the phrase “Snuggly in the Marge Simpson sense” Bart has no idea what that means beyond hugging, neither should the average 10 year old.