Ring around the washer of TE

I can’t recall if the stick was already like this when I first received it back in April, but is it normal for there to be a ring on the surface of the TE around where the washer of the stick moves around? The artwork behind the surface is not nearly as clear inside that ring area

Its quite normal. Its just from contact between the washer and the base of the TE when the stick is being used a lot. I dont have a TE atm (waiting for mine to arrive today) but I do have a custom case and after weeks of use I removed the plexi glass to give it a clean. There was a thick ring around the joystick hole where the dust cover had moved around.

oh, so the area to clean would be in between the plexiglass and the case?

It’s just the dustwasher scratching the acrylic and lessening clarity.

I dont understand quite what you mean. The TE’s dont come with plexi glass. As gamingnow has said its just simply the dust washer scratching away slowly at the artwork.

If its bugging you what you could do is contact Art on these forums. He makes different styles of plexi glass for the Tournament Edition. That means you can cut out your own custom artwork, place it under the plexi glass (so it wont be getting damaged) and the scratch’s shouldnt be noticable (they arent on my stick until I remove the plexi to clean it). Of course you can just lamilabel some new artwork on, but that’ll end up with a few scratch’s after a while as well. Cleaning it wont really help.

Battle scars… keep it!