"Ring Her Out!" - Soul Calibur IV Finals Discussion


The most entertaining Finals of Evo from a comical perspective. So much hate and heckling during the finals it was awesome. Hilde is a cheap fucker, and so was that player. Overall, the SC4 finals were hilarious.


I wish I had filmed it. Crowd reactions were great. Ballroom announcer going “booooo” with the rest of the crowd at Hilde was great. The entire finals were great. Everyone wanting to see Hilde go down made it that much more hype. They had people who hated SC4 on their feet. People really were into it, like it was a battle of good vs evil.

Who knew SC4 could be that hype? Pretty damn solid matches overall. The game at high level really does begin to look very respectable. Was a good showing, and was glad I didn’t miss it. I just wish I had gotten footage. The crowd reactions were priceless.

I like the fact Evo has no real “commentators” like on the live feed. It’s like going to a baseball game. You don’t listen to that stuff on the show floor. It’s all about being there and hearing the guys on the loud speaker. Going to Evo was so awesome, if SC4 was hype you knew the entire damn event was hype as fuck.


Watching the SC4 Finals on ther EVO stream, while chatting it up in 8WayRun’s Javachat. We felt it too.

The Booing became a heated subject afterwards on the forums. But I think, for the most part. We all agreed it was for the best with the hype it generated. Hilde (no matter who’s Hilde) winning would have left a bad taste in many mouths.

Malek and KDZ were the Heroes of SC4 Evolution 2k9.


RING OUT RING OUT RING OUT glad you guys liked our chant to be honest we just wanted that shit to end.



  • Big Asian dude with pony tail, glasses, and a pirate beard screaming at the top of his lungs

Man, if you’re reading this, you are my hero. Way to get hype


It was pretty fun to watch, even though I don’t like SCIV. Crowd reactions made it a lot better. The guest commentator helped a lot, especially since I don’t know anything about high-level SC.


Yes, those finals were crazy hype. And I’m glad a european won. His interview after was hilarious too… “Actually! In France, I’m not very good!” wtf :rofl:


LoL sounds like smack talk to me. :lol:


this would serve as a good note for Namco to fix up hilde a little… hopefully.

Anyway, its good hype to attract more people into the soul series


patch hilde and it’s all good. I expect more hildes in future tourneys


here, i don’t know shit about sc4, never played the game, but thanks to the commentators, i realized the long combos they where doing after grabs, and then all the hate on hylde, and then the ring outs, it was awesome!!!
Really liked the finals! SC4 has my respect now.


for the people that enjoyed my crowd commentary thnx
im hella cool with semen and RTD (hildeplayers)
im jus rolling with the crowd keepin it hype


yeah this was a snoozefest until we started chanting for ring outs.


Well SC4’s Community Ran National tournament is going down the 24th-26th, along with a bunch of other tournaments in Denver, CO.

So if you’re going to see any more of Hilde, right there is going to be a starting point. lol. Hopefully, we can see a repeat of her getting beat.

Doom Combo = :lame:

Beating Doom Combo = :clapdos:



Shit was epic. Ceirnian made those finals awesome just 'cause of all the hate.


I was watching on the live stream and chatting with a couple of people from work about it. It was kind of funny how everyone’s feelings went from “Ring outs are fair, they are in the game,” to “OK, maybe Hilde is a little over powered” throughout the course of the tournament. I have played SC series for awhile now and I don’t remember the last time that I got that into any one of the fights.


Actually its not… in Europe, they run Soulcalibur on the Xbox360… and Malek only has a PS3… so he has NEVER won a single tournament in Europe…

Then he comes to America, where every tournament is on the PS3…

Destroys at the Kogarasumaru July 2009 Bilingual Bloodfest one week…
Destroys at the EVO 2009 Championship Series Finals in the next week…

Lets see if he can go for a three-peat at Soulcalibur 4 Nationals this weekend…


BTW… I’m still waiting for the brackets to the pools to be updated so that we can add the results to our VERY EXTENSIVE ranking system.



I dunno what chat everyone else was in, but in #capcom, mad people were just trashing the game, because that mechanic was just ruining the hype.

One player gets down to like 99%, almost gets perfected in the process, and then lands one hit and sends the second player out of the ring. Super!

To anyone who isn’t into Soul Calibur, watching that video, DEFINITELY didn’t sell them on the game at all.


It’s good to see the support for the game. The SC community could not have hoped for a better turn out, reaction, and tournament result. If someone wasn’t going to play SC, they weren’t going to regardless of what Hilde was doing in the finals.


hahahahha the street fighter crew was chanting ring her out and it was crazy hype over a game we don’t even like. it was hilarious.

WHO WAS THE PEOPLE IN FRONT OF ME THAT KEPT TELLING ME WHAT WAS GOING ON? it was the crazy asian dude saying hilde is a bitch and some dude with glasses that explained everything to us. I’m the asian dude with a faux hawk that basically started cheering for hilde just becasue. haha.