Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters II


I love this game.

Anyone else like this game? I’ve been playing against my brother for the past few weeks, and we’ve found the game to be pretty interesting.
It’s got a different feel than most fighting games, mostly because of things like comboing into throws, and unlimited super throws which do a hell of a lot of damage. It makes for an intense game.

I recently put up a poor wiki page about it, with just a move list so far. I’m working on writing strategies so I can make a more in-depth page. If anyone knows anything about this game, please help me improve the wiki page, because it’s far from complete.

I hope this thread can maybe spark some interest in this game, so I can have someone to play on Kaillera. :lovin:


Hi m8, I just posted a vid here:


There are a few other fans of this game here, if you keep the thread going, they should show up.



Nice video, did you make it?

I’m working on writing up strategies/combos for Haggar, they should be done by the end of this week. :tup:
If anyone else has any knowledge of this game, help me out with my quest and post some combos/strats/anything for whatever character.

I hope we can get enough people to get interested in this game to maybe hold an online tournament or something. We’ll see. :wgrin:


I like this game too. Its a big improvement from saturday night slam masters and a lot of fun too. I don’t see it hosted on kaillera a lot though and when I do its already started. :frowning:


Anyone have an idea of rankings in this game? I’ve always thought Scorpion was the best.


Saber and Scorpion have always stood out as pretty well-rounded fighters to me. Titanic is probably pretty high up there too.
Jumbo too, if only because of his beast-like turtling skills.
I’d try and make a whole list, but I really wouldn’t know where to start.


Here’s a nice Saber combo that I don’t think was on the vid.

grenades (high or low), rush punch. Works best when raged cuz the rush punch is faster then. It’ll still work normally but the timing/spacing is tighter.


Can anyone pls help with this:



it really surprise me how little people like this game. I mean compare to original slam master it can be a turn off but I see this as a fighter spin off that handles it self well.

I play on supercade if any fan out their want a game, I main Jumbo.