Ring of Light Modding for Sticks?

Hey all, very quick and simple question about the ring of light on my new Round 2 TE stick I just got. Was just wondering how I would go about changing it from the 360 green to blue to match my X360. I’ve worked on X360 console ROL mods before so I was just wondering how it would differ on the stick. I tried browsing around to see if there were any threads posted previously about this but I couldn’t find any. Any help would be awesome. Thanks! :cool:

I believe I have seen Gummownned mod some light rings on a TE before. Check out his thread in the trading outlet he shows alot of the mods he does.

I didn’t think there would require a thread for it. So I just posted it in the TT TOL thread.


I don’t know if Gummowned has a guide posted. If he did, then I guess I just repeated what he did. =X

I knew I saw something about LED and Xbox 360 Ring two days ago.
So it was a Post in a Thread, not a separate Thread.

mastermind is it.

I haven’t made any guides on how to do so. I only have pics of the final result. Though I might sometime be making a guide showing how to wire up the player indicator leds on a sixaxis and wireless 360 to the leds on the TE.

just replace the LEDs with different coloured ones? be careful though, they’re pretty small.

dont think theres a difference, if you’ve done it on the 360 before, then it should be just the same except slight bit harder caues of smaller size.

Yea, personally I don’t like to mess around with stuff I’m not 100% about (R.I.P. the countless PS2’s fattys…Lol) but yea… Any pics or a vid of how to do it would be awesome. Would I have to make my own LED’s for this too? Or is there somewhere I could just pick them up and install myself?