Ringtones, notifications, SMS. What are yours?


So what are yours at the moment?

Ring: “Armed and Dangerous” from an old John Candy movie.

Messages: “What’s a Goku?” - King Cold.

Notices: Storm J.FP repeatedly “OH OH OH OH OH!” Dat Marvel 2.

I put an install of XP on my laptop, which allows me to capture specific things from stereo mix, as you know this was taken out in Vista/7/8. So instead of stock stuff from a soundboard, which might include more than I want, or not be exact, I boot up XP, and go on a capture spree.


Right now my text message is the sound sonic makes when he inhales a bubble underwater.


Ring tone: 3:05

Text: MvC2 Thanos - Thanos Reigns


Why did I actually laugh? LOL.



Call ring tone



Text. Bonus points if you get the reference.


They’re all Quest for Glory tunes.

Except for people in the fighting games section of my phone book. That group gets Juri’s theme for their ring tone.


This one:


Ringtone: Star Theme (Mario 64)



Text Notification: Sonic - Ring



Email: PS3 Trophy Sound Effect (For my Gmail PSN account)



Alarm: Metal Gear Solid - Encounter



Voicemail: Zelda - Navi “Hey Listen”




MGS Codec is my text/notification noise

MGS1 Game Over music is my ringtone/alarmclock


MGS Codec is my ringtone.
MGS Alert is my e-mail.
Power Rangers Watch Tone is my text.

Planning on changing tonight. My new shit will be:

Ringtone <= click

Not sure about the others yet.


When NIckGuy calls me, my phone goes “I wanna take you for a ri-ide!”


Speaking of Nickguy, props to him or I wouldn’t have known about the soundfiles that were ripped from MvC2 in Preppy’s site :tup:

My ringtone for calls: [details=Spoiler]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knnav0aIkEI[/details]


My phone sounds like OG Sagat.
Eye-ger, Eye-ger, Eye-ger, Eye-ger, Eye-ger, Eye-ger, Eye-ger,

I use to have Dhalsim (Headlock throw).
Yoga… Yoga… Yoga… Yoga… Yoga…

Text messages play the old SF Here Comes a New Challenger sound.






Ringtone for the past 10+ years:



text is the sample that plays when you fill a super stock in 3rd Strike (“ding, pew pew, l-let’s go!”). iirc, ringtone is a clip of jazzy nyc '99 that i cut using some audio software so that the timing would sound appropriate for a ringtone. had to use the arranged track because the original didn’t have the third mix, which i thought offered a better part for a ringtone. i did all of this just to be a douche though, since i always have everything on vibrate.

i am an mgs fan and i admit that many of the samples are perfect, but everybody already uses that shit.


my text and notification :coffee:


Sonic labyrinth zone for my phone calls
For my text messages Sonic 1 special stage chime when you get the emwooooorrrldz.


I don’t have a fancy ringtone yet, my SMS is “Guess who?” from Herbert the pervert