RIO false alarm!?!? WTF!

I’m tryin to sleep yo. lol


Oh I remember that. That loud siren noise and then the lady saying something like “Somebody tripped the alarm on accident” or something.

Stupid siren scared the shit out of me.

dude that alarm made my hang over go from nothing (average) to fuck i want to punch who ever made that shit go off. fucking BS. ricockulous.

That morning was at the peek of my sickness, my wife was screaming at me to get out the building was on fire, I couldn’t even move. How more obnoxious could that alarm have been…

I opened the door to see if it was just my room and the sound echoed into my room as the door opened, amplifying it ten fold.

I needed to hit the airport by 6-ish so I appreciated it. Thank you mystery fire alarm bandit!

i was sleeping lol dam alarm wake me up

i was at the RIO deli food place when it tripped off. Daigo, Dan, and another japanese guy with long hair were there too :smile:

If you walked through the 11th floor hallway and took a whiff, you’d know why it went off.

Fuck that alarm… gave me such a raging headache that lasted the better part of the morning.

rofl!!! dam that sucks but sounds funny

WOW, that must of sucked. Did you see that vid of another Vegas hotel on fire couple of years ago?


Glad I stayed in the gold coast…

Glad I stayed at the Bellagio. =). Them beds were SUPER comfortable.

Oh and the reason I stayed there was because four of my other friends roomed together so we got the room at a good price.

The recession can have benefits. =)

man they had some rad cheesecake… luckily i had trekked to the airport at 11pm the nite of finals… sadly i missed the SF4 finals… but atleast i got to skip out on this

what were prices like?


Seriously, after day one, I only ate lunch at the deli from that point on. Breakfast went to Gold Coast next door, and dinner was MUCH later at night and also there.

I was with the EVO staff eating breakfast. Bomb French Toast at the Sao Paolo Cafe by the way!

The seafood food restaurant that opened at night in the Rio was too fucking excellent. Tuna steak and sauvignon blanc ftw.