Rio Hotel & Casino Tips **From A former Worker!


Hey some tips from a guy who used to work at the Rio for 2 years in VIP Services.

*If you haven’t already made your reservations, sign up for a Harrahs Total Rewards Card, it will honestly knock off your $10-20. You also get expedited service at the Front Desk, when you register. I’m always astonished about how many people will wait in the long line, and i see gold card members who just walk right through. It takes 5 mins to get a Gold card. Plus you can get credit for your gambling…

Here is the deposit policy at the Rio.
$100 per Night on Debit/Credit(its taken all at once) - All Charges on!
$200 Cash/Debit Deposit - Phones and Movie access
$50 p/night cash/Debit Deposit - No charging what so ever.

If you want to stay at the Rio… a couple of things about the two towers:

-The rooms in the towers are avg 550 sq ft.
-Internet is not wireless.
-LOL if you get all day porno pass its 34.99. Its the only item on the PPV TV that the price…
-Local calls are 1.25… even 1-800 numbers… just use your cell phone.

IPANEMA TOWER PRO & CONS: (Smoking floors on 4,13,19,20)
+Ipanema tower has had the most recent renovations(3 Years ago).
-If you will stack like 20 guys in a room try to get Ipanema Tower, you can get a room that is 2 Queen beds, that ALSO has a pull out couch.
-Tower 1 in The Ipanema Tower has no internet.

MASQUERADE TOWER PRO & CONS:(Smoking floors on 4,13,30,34,36)
+Some say more spacious
-Honestly all the views in Masquerade Tower aren’t that bad.
-Masquerade tower has no renovations,yet. don’t be surprised to find your couch, bed, drapes will be in horrible condition, because the decor has not changed since the tower opened up in '97.
-No rooms have pull out couches.
-Forgot about the love holes, they have a some what glass window from the bedroom to the shower… so if you stay in the room with dudes who dont mind seeing your pee-pee, the choice is yours…

**You can ask for cots, or a roll away… sometimes the person you talk to will give it free, and I think the cost is $20…(In VIP, our guests were given to it for free)

-HOPEFULLY! the water in your tower will not shut off, meaning no hot water during the mornings or even the afternoons, rarely. If it really is a inconvenience, there are some things you can do.

  1. Ask how long will the water outage be?
  2. Sometimes they will offer compensation for your inconvenience.
    3)Don’t be an ass, if you are nice, sometimes they will EVEN knock off some of your rate of your stay. If you are a dick, the front desk managers will really try to NOT compensate guests.
  3. Last option is to move rooms.


Maybe you are a baller AKA you lose a lot of money when u gamble, you may be able to get your room comped, just ask a casino host, who will roam the pits, to check your play during your stay, or upon check-out. Don’t even try if you lost like $20 over 3 hours… thats nothing. If you feel like you’ve lost or played a tons during the stay, then go ahead and ask.


  1. All-American Bar & Grill will probably be your best friend during EVO. Open 24 hours.
  2. Sao Paolo is a breakfast place open 7A-3P. Maybe they will change the hours for EVO, but I doubt it. ( I would rather go to the diner at Gold Coast honestly.)
  3. DO NOT EAT AT HAMADAS! Food is terrible, so many other Japanese food options.
    4)Mahjong is take-out chinese, pretty authentic, kinda pricey for the amount you get. Just go to China Town, which is just down North on Valley View, just go to Spring Mountain and in go to Kung Fu Thai/Chinese food ( They even deliver too!). or Sam Wu(Cash Only).
  4. Dont move around shit in your mini-bar, it will charge to your room.
  5. Sonics right up the street across Palms!

If you have any other questions or anything about Vegas, let me know!


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Sonics !!! Yay !!!


I already booked a room. Is it too late to get a card and use it?


So, which tower is the Evo block in? Im worried about this ‘love hole’ as my GF may be coming AND other dudes will be in the room. No peep shows.


Few Questions:

  1. “5) Dont move around shit in your mini-bar, it will charge to your room.”

Is this done by sensors or something? what if we brought our own drinks/etc and wanted to keep them cool? not possible?

  1. Do you know how the inputs work on the TV’s? I know me and my friends are gonna want to play some SF4/3S on our PS3 with some buddies, and not being able to plug it in would bite the big one.

  2. The deposit system, do you like choose one of those 3 and thats the deposit you put down for the night? so you can put a minimum of 50 down and you can’t charge anything to the room, or you can put 200 down and you can charge anything?


Yea its done by sensors, and yes Rio actually has fridges you may put your own drinks, but some people dont look around in the room, and actually move the shit from the mini-bar somewhere, and they get charged $300… when they dont look that actually the fridge is hidden inside the closet…

Dont expect LCDs, its old school TVs with the RCA outputs… I think… I have to double check.

You technically dont pick the deposit system… its usually the clerk ask for credit card, and they just swipe, but it does $100 a night deposit… or authorization on your card… If you dont have that amount on your card, they will most likely go to a lower $200 entire stay deposit, but you will not be able to have FULL CHARGING, just Phones and Movies access.

…If you DON’T even have that much… the topic you want to bring up is…
“I just want the bare minimum deposit, I won’t charge anything to the room…” *

They will walk into the back area, talk to a manager/supervisor, and try and MOST likely approve a $50 a night deposit, with no charging allowed to the room.


You have to sign up for one in person, at a Harrah’s Total Rewards Center and verify ID… if you don’t have a Harrah’s property casino in your area, you will have to wait to come to Vegas and sign up for one… Try signing up for one when you arrive, and ask the front desk to check on rates for you. If it’s not too busy during in July, maybe you will get a better rate then what you have when you first booked, rates raise and lower everyday… I’ve seen it plenty of times.


Anyone staying on the strip or at some other hotel/motel?


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To be honest (that is if I get to go), this will be my first time in Vegas.


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lol yeah. been to that sonic in a cab. cabbie wanted a slush as a tip so i got it for him. shit was odd yet funny. didnt expect him to say yes to the offer.


is the premium studio suite bigger than the Deluxe Studio Suite? It doesnt say in the details. only difference i see is view from the strip and view of a mountain.


Whats funny about that is its exactly the same room, but on a higher floor with the view and (wait for it) … a coffee pot!


Ill be staying at the strip, Imperial Palace. Great deal there. But I will also be driving there, so I have the freedom of driving to and from EVO.