RIP 2011, a retrospective. (Also Happy New Year thread)

Let’s look back on 2011, as we prepare for our next (AND FINAL?!?) year. Feel free to add anything you think was notable.

2011, the year that was:

World events

Tsunami in Japan - Killed nearly 16,000 people and on top of that created even more panic with 4 nuclear power plants declaring possible meltdowns afterwards.

Obama gets Osama - Amurrka gets hit with a wave of “patriotism” with the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. This new wave lasts about 2 weeks, then it’s back to bickering as per usual.

US officially declares an end to the war in Iraq - Yep. Just happened. But is it over?

Notable Deaths

Kim Jong Il - I always liked how when you type his name with certain fonts the capital i and lowercase L look exactly the same. It makes it look like you’re writing “Kim Jong 2: Kim Jongier” But yeah other than that, I have nothing else to say about this man. (Being Korean myself, I should have more of an opinion on him, but I don’t.)

Steve Jobs - Genius, innovator, GOD TO HIPSTERS. He died, and the world is poorer for it.

Joe Simon - Comic book nerds all over had their lives touched by this man. But really, dude was 98, I was actually shocked hearing of his death, mainly because I thought he died like 20 years ago.

What are you guys doing for New Years? I’ll be at one of these things:

Happy New Year, SRK.

EDIT: ALSO, I just realized, this is my 7,000th post exactly. Considering how few threads I actually make, the odds were against this. But thanks for years and years of entertaining forum chatter!


im going to fap for new years. Need the pull that last one for 2011.

I totally just stole that picture and did a post on Facebook with it. Apologies.

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ve completed my half year promise to myself. Don’t buy a single video game for all of 2011. I did it!

In this year I’ve:

-Been to Korea, worked with North Korean defectors
-Got married
-Moved to China

Not exactly where I thought the year would take me.

This year I’ve:

-Was almost fired over some HIPAA bs (In short, patient privacy)
-Gone to EVO, had a fucking blast
-Moved into my first house
-Started a diet during the end of May, and have lost 50 pounds thus far

2011 News Bloopers.


got my car this year, found out my ex cheated on me when we were together and now has a kid from that cheating, learned how to digital paint, stopped drawing, started drawing again

All I can say is I’m glad this year is coming to an end, I fore see some cool shit coming my way next year, and I think I’m going to be fucking my first blonde girl with a bleached butt hole come spring when the women get horny.

  1. Man, it’s been a huge year. Bought a house, got married, and had the worst year at work in 11 years.

Home is always good. I mean to do something about work, though. I’ve been told, you can’t have it all. I don’t subscribe to that.

Other than that, discovered some good tv shows, played some great games, small stuff. Looking forward to 2012.

2011, ill go in order of events

-met a girl and got into a serious relationship
-got a new job that pays much better
-moved to a new apartment
-had my girl move into

It was quite a year and I dont have any regrets, even though it might not work out for me and the girl. Im glad the year is over though.

This has been one of the worst years of my life. But thankfully, nothing health related (although I do have nagging pain in my hip, foot, and sometimes my back and neck). The only noteworthy things that I accomplished are:

-Finally got a driver’s license, which was long overdue.
-Completed the CompTIA trifecta (but it hasn’t translated to getting an IT related job).

I have plans for 2012, so I’m hoping next year is much much better.

When you live with your girl, everything is different. I’m in the best relationship I’ve ever heard of, but we still struggled at that stage. Boyfriend 101. So, if you want things to work out in 2012 (and beyond), keep at it, and be candid about what isn’t working and ask the same of her. Not to derail this into the relationship thread 2.0

Man, I feel like 2012 is going to be amazing.

2011 sucked ass.

-learned my grandma has cancer
-had to take the same test I took to get hired on at the post office again in order to keep my job
-worried about said post office (the whole thing) closing and me being out of a job
-started 5th year of college
-finally upgraded my phone to an iphone
-met a seemingly nice guy in July and let it turn serious quickly.
-let the new boyfriend move in with me
-had a few nasty fights with boyfriend
-grandma died from cancer 2 days before Thanksgiving
-I finally break it off the beginning of this month because he’s a completely different person; he’s moved out (into the duplex attached to mine) and hates me. Thinks I’m stalking him and whatever. If I could do something to make his life miserable like he’s done to me, I would even though I stupidly have some feelings for him
-Did some research and find that he matches almost every sign of a sociopath

Looking forward to 2012 to start the P.I.N.K. Method and get in shape and lose some pounds.

Strider999 - I wish you better luck in your relationship than I had! Hope you two can work things out. :slight_smile:

^ Nothing like finding out your ex-BF who now lives next door to you is a possible sociopath to make you realize you still have feelings for him.

Good luck with all that…


this year:

-finished school (sorta)
-house burned down
-Sexual Deviant of GD for 2011 (fuck all you haters…even tried to cancel the award, to keep it from my sperm covered hands)

yeah, thats pretty much it. Had a few other crazy things here and there, but nothing too notable.

As for new years, I am working till 7 tomorrow, so probably just coming home to sip on some beer or tequila.

I will have to make my last fap of 2011 epic.

Please, please, pleeease let this be accurate. :rofl:

Galactic - Tell me about it! lol Thanks for the well wish. :slight_smile:

I can’t complain. It was about better than the year before, though I have a feeling 2012 is gonna suck. Hopefully I won’t be unemployed for the whole year…again.

@Vynce, @St. Minority - thanks guys. she moved to chicago to be with me from michigan and we have been living together since April. we are great as a couple but things fall apart as individuals. i just want to do whats best for her and whats best for me as well.

Good luck with your challenges too.