RIP Aerosmith?

Hopefully this isn’t out of place. The article says they’ll look for a replacement for Tyler but it’ll never be Aerosmith without him. It’s just a damn same that it came to this even though they had been together for so long.

Even though they haven’t put out anything notable for a while, they were amongst my favorite bands for a long time. A couple of my favorites:

Cryin’ : [media=youtube]x2I4mZQmJMU[/media]

Dream On: [media=youtube]sEbMbAuAgmU[/media]

Magic Touch: [media=youtube]7QaXXcsEOz8[/media]

So long Aerosmith, you will be missed. :rock:

They were never that good and always wanted to be the American Rolling Stones but never figured out that they sucked when trying to emulate the Stones.

They also haven’t really done anything since Bruce Willis+Michael Bay used the power of Aerosmith to blow up a meteor in Armageddon.

They’re going to try and find a replacement?

They’re all sixty years old. Fucking retire, and stop shaming yourselves.

lol@ replacement. they gonna find the new singer in a old folks home?

Best news I’ve heard all day.

Aerosmith were the best during the 70’s.

End thread.

Besides a band isn’t the same after losing an original member.

this is so true :shake:

aerosmith is gdlk.

not gonna be the same. just gonna sound like a cover band now.

the only song i ever really liked was dream on, the rest not so much.

Agreed completely.

You serious? ZZ Top and Aerosmith did a show together up here and it was probably the single best concert of the year.

Not only that, but there’re loads of geezers who can put on a fucking awesome show, whether it’s The Who, AC/DC or Ian Anderson and the remnants of Jethro Tull.

So you can think on that and GET THE FUCK OFF SRK.

I had no idea they were still together. I thought they broke up in the 80s. I don’t get out much, I guess.

I had tickets to the Irvine show but we know how that ended…

You must’ve read some pretty depressing news. :razzy:

I only like the song from Armageddon, so I’m pretty indifferent on this.


Is that the one where Steven Tyler faceplanted off the stage?

I assumed the same thing. Whatever though. I’m sure 99% of the people who continue to follow Aerosmith have ages comparable to the band.

Steven fell off the stage at the South Dakota show on August 5th. After that the rest of the tour got canceled.

I’m 23!

Yeah, but I can’t imagine you find yourself among your peers at an Aerosmith concert…do you?