RIP Aerosmith?

I went with a bunch of friends to the AC/DC concert over the summer. It had old people there, sure, but it’s not like the lines to the concessions stands are backed up because people don’t understand that they can’t get a ginger ale and hard-boiled eggs.

Tell that to the Sugababes.

sorry im not trying to talk shit. just saying one is not out of touch if they are a 20 something and aren’t up to date with the happenings of aerosmith.

Now where will D.O.A get its music? :sad:

I’m fucking 17! :annoy:

Saw them when I was 13, with KISS, Teh Nug and Saliva.

That shit was badass :cool:

That song was a remake btw.

I liked Keisha… =\

Unless that band is the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, etc…

As a progressive rock fan, I’ve got to agree on this one. That song suggested that the band could have gone in an entirely different direction. Instead, they decided that writing intelligent and thoughtful lyrics would require too much work and just sang about transvestites and the color of Steven Tyler’s dick.

LOL, replacement for Steven Tyler? Remember when INXS tried to find a replacement for Michael Hutchence? Yeah…

And I think that that Armageddon song is HIGHLY overrated. I got tired of it the second time I listened to it.

70’s Aerosmith was pretty damn awesome. Can’t say much for the rest of their career.

…was it???

I hope this isn’t true. Their output in the 90s wasn’t nearly as good as their early stuff, but they’re still a great band through and through. No point in going on without Tyler, though.

My favorite songs by them would be [media=youtube]_rH8ZWGo6EQ"]Seasons of Wither and [URL=“”[/media].

The original drummer in the Beatles wasn’t actually a member, according to John, George and Paul. He was literally hired because they couldn’t find anybody else.

Also, David Gilmour>Syd Barrett.

Most bands have one or two members they can get away with replacing, but for Aerosmith, Steven Tyler is not one of them.

Anyway, for a band that had, like, 47 successful comebacks, they ought to count their blessings and bow out gracefully.

If Journey can find a new lead singer, Aerosmith can.

Aerosmith only officially broke up once back in the 80s. They’ve taken a few “breaks” when Joe runs off for a solo album or somebody goes into rehab, but they’ve only broken up once.

I got tired of it BEFORE I heard it, don’t see why or how anyone likes it.

Problem there is that everyone is used to only hearing Aerosmith’s sappy stuff, like Dream On, Janie’s Got a Gun and the like. It does a disservice to the fact that their best songs are all their ass-kicking stuff like [media=youtube]WlygmOt5AUU"]Eat The Rich, Let the Music Do the Talking and [URL=“”[/media].

hush your mouth. NO STEVE NO JOURNEY! :mad: