RIP Aerosmith?

Yeah I’m not a big fan of Aerosmiths sappy music. Dream On’s most over rated ish ever. It’s a good song but they have way better stuff. Hell I’d rather listen to Sweet Emotion then fuckin Dream On.

Man this was some bad news. I had a feeling Steven would leave the band after all the elevating tension the band has been having lately. Kind of childish to just quit the band like that though. Like why not just retire. Joe still has his band and if he still wants to play he can play through that. No need to go and sully the name of Aerosmith with a new front man.

Aerosmith is the shit. Those old guys had a good run and now they can just sit back and be legends.

Wow, thought this was just another internet rumor/hoax. Eh, it’s all good – how many more records could they have put out anyways?

ACDC replaced a singer, don’t count em out

Yeah after being together for what 6 years? Aerosmith has been together for about 40. Of course we all saw how well Ripper Owens worked out as Judas Priest front man after Rob left in the early 90s. It doesn’t work if the band has been around as long as Aerosmith has.

To me, it’s like Deep Purple without Ian Gillian or ACDC without Brian Johnson.

This thread is like a Twilight Zone experience to me…how in the hell are people not aware of anything Aerosmith did past the 80s?! Really, you cannot be serious. They were all over the place in the 90s, even if you weren’t really a fan of the music. Didn’t they perform on the halftime of 1 or 2 Superbowl events…? Yeah, the goddamn Superbowl, which is possibly the most watched shit in the history of television. Then there was that time where their music kept popping up in commercials (*sometimes with Steve Tyler making an appearance as well), the appearances on various award show events…come on. Were you guys also not aware that Michael Jackson did “a couple of things” after Thriller? Yeah…it’s wild isn’t it?

damn, man…it’s almost like people who somehow weren’t aware that Nintendo still did stuff after SNES, or that there were fighting games after the 1991 SF2…it’s just strange. Ok, I guess I’m being a bit of a douche here, but it’s fun…I can’t resist. heh, Megaman games…y’know they kept going after part 3. Aint that a bitch?
However, Steven Tyler gets to host American Idol in the year 2011.

As great as Bon Scott was, he was only their singer for, what, five years? The nucleus of AC/DC was very much the Young brothers.

Are they going to replace him with a young Phillipino kid from youtube?

sing with me
sing for the years
sing for the laughter
sing for the tears…

RIP Aerosmith… say it ain’t so… You can replace 1 or 2 members of most major bands and still have the same quality of band. Steven Tyler is not one of those people. No Tyler, no Aerosmith.

It would be like Rage Against the Machine turning into Audioslave all over again… Sure Audioslave made some decent music, but you kinda hated them the whole time because you knew deep down inside that they SHOULD BE RAGE goddammit!


I understand, but it would’ve been worse had they continued as RATM with a different frontman, don’t you think? So Audioslave was the lesser of both evils…if that makes any sense.

Sorry but Journey did find a great replacement. Seriously, i was doubtful but wow do they still rock. DONT STOP BELIEVING!

Hell yeah he’s a good replacement. I never thought I would see the day where that would happen, but shit. You have to hear him.

OH and-


Yeah…the current Journey singer is pretty fucking legit. Here’s a live vid:


You know who else replaced their singer? Chicago. Listen to the difference in their music before and after Peter Cetera took over. Holy shit.

Journey was able to find a singer that sounds just like Steve Perry. It’s like he never left. INXS on the other hand did a reality show to find their new singer. Seriously.

But anyway, I nominate Phil Collins to be Aerosmith’s new singer. Can’t be worse than Van Halen with Gary Cherone. Or can it?

Iunno…the songs that Queen did with Paul Rogers were pretty awful.

Sure, that new guy in Journey does a great Steve Perry impression.

But guess what? Steve Perry is the fucking man. He is the best Steve Perry because HE IS STEVE PERRY!

I want the real Journey back, not the cover band version.


BTW, Tyler himself squashed the rumor:


Looks like they are going on a PERMANENT VACATION

better none shitty vid