RIP Angelina Jolie - A lifetime of memories

Truly the end of an era and a loss to us all. You will be missed.

I eagerly await the tears.

Oh well, she can still get fake ones. It’s not like I’ll be feeling them anyways.


So because she lost her breasts she’s dead?

woah breast cancer is to not be fucked wit. lmfao@ tomb raider being her most remembered role…like niggas didnt even attempt to imdb her. apparently you only do that when they really die.

Real talk, my aunt just got a double mastectomy last December and she actually had the Big C and I still kind of chuckled after clicking the link.

I have an extremely liberal sense of humor. It has proven to be a bad thing over the years…I might be retarded.

Her boobs were never that big. Still, losing a part of your body to cancer is a serious thing to deal with.

I knew something was up with her. Didn’t realize it was probably chemo.

Edit: I should have actually read the article first lol.

Title should have been “A Lifetime of Mammaries”.

i remember scrollin past those gossip shows sayin she was starvin herself. lmfao. she needs to sue those assholes, make a big ass payday and then buy herself a fuckin 3rd world orphanage.

Either way it’s smart on her part to be proactive. This is Brad’s life right now

She had a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. I’m sure her breasts will be around the same size.

She is to me.

never hot.

fight me.

oh SRK

her letter in the NY times was a pretty good read. more power to her.

they are probably just back down to where they were in Hackers

When I read it earlier, the language stated that over the past three months she had the surgery and ‘replacements’, so the next time we see her on camera (that isn’t already canned), I doubt there will be too much of a difference…at this age I doubt she’d get anything larger, and more than likely would want something comparable.

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A lifetime of memories.

Of which, of her, I have none.

Misleading title.

Friggin OP got my hopes up.