RIP Billy Mays and X3O...MD/VA post X3O gathering thread


**EDIT: X3O is officially done with 5 dollar deal as of June 30th. ** Now this will simply be a thread to start house or other game center gatherings for newer and veteran players. If you’re crazy you can still read my post after this. In Rockville, MD across the street from White Flint metro station.

…thread. Made this thread obviously to keep X30 discussion seperate and the other MD/VA threads less confusing.

For those that don’t already know I’m trying to use X30 as a central place for offline SFIV and other fighting gamers in the DC metro area (most easily accessible to people who live off of 355 like myself). This is literally right off of a metro station so you young/poor kids who don’t have cars and live around the DC metro area can session as well. This is for those who are wondering what to do cuz 1337 player #432 won’t let them play with them or just doesn’t know where to play. No having to set up space in your house or getting people organized at someone else’s place and having to get comfortable with people. Just show up and C3 that shit and play.

We had a few tournaments run for 3rd Strike and a few other games a long time ago but it was run by Jinmaster and gang who are notorious for running disorganized events. What I most want out of this isn’t even concerning tournaments. I listen to stories of how a lot of the top players got good and it was by being able to go to a central area where they can play consistently no matter who they are or who likes them or what day it was or whatever. Most high level fighting gamers are always hated on by someone else any ways. It’s not about being liked it’s about people respecting your game. These kinds of players can just walk up and play and practice from day to day. This is kinda like a test to see if I can make a semi arcade scene out of console SFIV and other console fighting games.

This will also make it easier for people to get comfortable with each other and eventually set up more in house sessions just incase things ever get really crappy at X30. Obviously the main game we are playing now is SFIV and when more games come out that work decently on HDTV’s we’ll broaden things a bit. SFIV is dat game for now though.

**Address to X30 for the 2 people that don’t know. **

11640 Rockville Pike Rockville, MD 20852. Walk across the street from the White Flint metro station and you’re there. In a shopping center with a Papa Johns and there’s a Popeyes and Arby’s next to X30 just outside of the shopping center.

**We normally go Sun - Thur since they have a 5 dollar all day deal. Bring a Lincoln and ur in till they close. ** They have an hourly rate for Fridays/Saturdays/PC games but it’s not very recession friendly unless you sign up for their membership which is a once a year fee of 40 dollars. Then 8 dollars gets you in all day every day. Hopefully a few people may want to sign up for this just so that we can actually head up on the days where they stay open late. We can always just do house get togethers on those days though. We’ll see.

**Business hours are Mon-Thur 3PM to 10PM, Friday 3PM to 2AM, Sat 10AM-2AM, Sun 10AM-10PM. **


Good call. So far lets get a Tally of who’ll be there on sunday the 31st of May and how many sticks we’ll have.

Me and a friend will be there, I could possibly if needed bring either a 360 or ps3 stick


come on man, this did not need a new thread. There are like 8 MD/VA threads.


Welp…just means our scene is hungry then. I didn’t really think it needed a thread myself but it is a thread now and this way all X30 discussion is in one place where people can just look at it if they want to or just stick to the other threads if they don’t. I think it’s just a bit better and more organized overall than spamming up the SFIV thread with X30 information over and over again. I can just post on the front page whenever I want people to gather and everything else goes in the other threads.

Leave your opinions, stop by X30 sometime, whatever. Ultimately this is just here to keep X30 as specifically talked about as possible. Those who wanna talk about it and come by will post…those that don’t have their thread to post in and won’t have to hear about it.


Well i Think it did deserve a thread because trying to find the ppl whoa re going gets confusing sometimes when its like 3 posts about x3o then 7 consecutive posts about like eggs or something. lol

I will definitley be there Sunday.


Oh there will definitely be bacon and eggs posts spamming up this thead too. This just makes it so you know majority of discussion will be on X30 and only those that want to hear about it will read it.


checking in…anyone up there right now?, lol I still didnt bring my stick…tryna chill from playin today, fee a little burnt out, but its keeps callin me…


Confirmed for Sunday so far…

Myself - Either early in the morning at 10 or 2-3 o clock
My bro
Lolwut (Dan) - 2 to 3 o clock

Most likely going Sunday so far…

Corrosive??? NEEEOOOOOOO!!!

Maybe/Undecided for Sunday

Khayri (Jeron)

Hate Activate for Sunday

Hav, Jinpachi, Shin Akuma, Mike Chaos, Christian Bale, Joey Crack, Smoothviper etc.

**Sticks **

I’m bringing 2.

BTW Khayri what’s ur real name again? :lol: U confirmed for Sunday?


Jeron. I doubt if I come Sunday…I mean thats like going to work 6days out of the week or something. Khayri is a real name, lol. Its a muslim name.


When does that 5$ day pass thing end?


i might be up today, I plan on being there Sun with Upas, Rugi and maybe Corrosive.


Yeah, if people are going. I’ll probably go then

Edit: Yeah, I should be able to go sunday. Unless I get swamped with homework or studying



I thought Corrosive was in Arkansas for 3 weeks?

From talking with the manager Nick it sounds like it’ll be in effect until the end of June. Sun - Thur.

You confirmed for Sunday?

BTW also try to post the time you guys will be showing up so we can get an idea of when everyone will be there. Ideally I want to be there when the place opens but we’ll see. I’ll definitely be there by 2 or 3 o clock Sunday.


i should be coming if no family stuff gets in the way.


Yeah i’ll most likely be there by 2-3 or So, i’d like to get there earlier but waking people up never works :lol:


Naw, the Boss is back.
So get back to work…:shake:

he’ll be @ C3 Sat.


i might come sunday it depends how my pockets look lol


I’ll probably be up there Sunday @ about 1-2pm. Did you get your stick fixed DJin? Not gonna bring up my multimeter if I don’t have to.


Hey man, try to come out…I wanna try and trash your Gouki.
I never got a chance to at UMBC.


Oh, and i’ll be bringing that breakaway cable of course rob haha