RIP Christopher Hitchens 1949-2011

Can’t believe he’s gone. Really enjoyed his debates and his wit.

I was about to post this as well.

Mr. Hitchens has deeply influenced me over the years. He was a key figure when I converted from Catholicism to non-belief during my senior year in high school. His powerful arguments, brilliant wit, historical knowledge, and mastery of the English language has been an inspiration. I will miss him


Damn shame. He really was one of the good guys.

Real bummer. He was quite a thinker! So well spoken too.

Sad news. Hitch is a personal hero of mine. He never stopped writing and speaking even with the sickness and the meds eating away at him. Total beast.

Only 3 horsemen left now :frowning: desc&




Damn. This seriously ruined my day.

Are you serious? I’m so bummed out right now.

My religious conversion was all because of this man.

I never heard of this guy, but after hearing some of his speeches…I wish I did.

Anyone who knew of Christopher Hitchens was in awe at how precise and cutting his responses were. He was an explosive debater, I dont think theres any video on the internet where his opponent wasnt at a loss for words at some point.

I still remember how he cut some middle eastern chick in two during a debate about freedom and human rights, as she tried to argue bare faced, against the teachings of her religion.


now he is burning in hell like the sinful atheist he is :sad:

cant wait to join him



I know it was an unreasonable hope, but I had really hoped his cancer was going to go into remission. Sucks that it killed him after all =/

I liked Hitchens and it was sad to see him go through what he did. It’s sad he’s gone.

im really not tryin to be a dick…but where should i know him from? i dont recognize the name and it could easily be i really never heard of him til now.

The New York Times has literally stopped the presses.

I say as a firm believer in God, he was one of the most intelligent and well spoken people I’ve ever heard of. He was the gold standard for how to debate and tried his best to educate the masses and lead better lives.

RIP, really hope he’s in heaven because for all the good he’s done he deserves it more than most.

RIP. I spent more time watching vids of him than I probably should have. Couldn’t be helped, his voice alone I could listen to for hours about nothing.

His stuff on Kissinger, Mother Teresa, and Falwell were awesome.