RIP David Bowie

RIP, Ziggy Stardust has finally left the planet.

Here’s hoping he’s singing that duet with Freddy Mercury in the big arena in the sky.

Wait what no. Holy fucking god damned hell.


Guess we will see this nigga return to us next week, failing that RIP…

At first I thought this was a Twitter troll like when everyone thought Jackie Chan was dead but now that I know its real all I can say is shit.

David Bowie was one of those artist that took me a long time to understand. Nobody in my family or group of friends growing up listened to him. So the day I made a commitment to really figure it out was amazing. He had so much going on in a lot of his music. Fantastic bass lines but just so many layers to it. I don’t even know how I’m telling the wife tomorrow morning. There’s a mural in her classroom that I did while listening to Bowie’s music on repeat.

Some places say that is a hoax.

My avatar has never been more appropriate.

@Hecatom His son confirmed it.

I went to a David Bowie exhibition last year and damn…hearing about this sucks. He’s definitely one of my favourite musicians of all time.


(…What a nice start 2016 has been having so far.)

Sigh. I didn’t even know he had cancer, but then again, I could say that about most of the people (read: celebrities) who end up dying of cancer.

Rest in peace, you of the Labyrinth and many other wonders.

(patiently awaits being angered over them “conveniently” announcing they’ll be remaking said film before this year is out)

Wow really? This guy is a legend.

No fucking way… Dammit.

May their pants be tight, always.

*Terribly sad news, Bowie was a legend. I have very fond memories of listening to his music as a child and as I grew up into my teenage years. Rest in Peace Ziggy. *


I wonder how Kojima feels since he’s a bit of a fan. He just bought the new album a couple of days ago.

Speaking of Metal Gear.****