RIP Dennis Farina

Actor Dennis Farina passed away at 69. Dude was a great actor with a lot of charisma. I loved him in Snatch.

So many great performers dropping this year. A damn shame.

One of those great actors you’re used to seeing everywhere. Crime Story (2 season TV show) is worth watching if you missed it the first time.

Didn’t watch him in Law and Order but dude was great in Snatch RIP

Not only was he a great actor…but he was a local guy.

R.I.P. Buddy Faro.

RIP racist guy from Law and Order, at least now you don’t have to worry about clean shoes :sad:

Ah man that guy was great. Could be really damn funny.

Will miss him :sad:

He was great in Snatch.


Aw damn I just finished re-watching snatch too…

Truer words were never spoken.

Damn, that sucks, loved his gangster turns in Midnight Run and Snatch

If you like L&O, you’ll love watching him in it. R.I.P. dennis. You’ll be missed.


Darn, him and Lenny Brisco were my favorite Law and Order Dectectives. They were old school and really snarky, something I really loved.

Rest in peace sir.

Completely agreed. :frowning: Loved him in L&O.

I had just watched the Wildcat episode of JLU the other day too. Such a bummer.


Man that sucks, one of my favorites… RIP.

Had his line from Snatch in my signature for forever …

Shout outs to Dennis Farina.

Wow, I had just watched Snatch last night as well. RIP

That guy!! He was in so much stuff. Like Danny Trejo, Michale Rooker, Ronny Cox, etc. He had no groundbreaking roles, but he filled a typecast niche and did it well.