RIP DJ Mehdi.

Today Ed Banger heavyweight DJ Mehdi died today. I am still waiting for details. This is a huge blow for the EDM community and he was one of my more favorable French artists.

Here is one of his most popular songs.


Here is an article, but people are still trying to figure out what happened.

Yea, it’s so vauge on the message of his death.
I wonder what could have happened :frowning:

Apparently he was partying on a rooftop for his bday, and it collapsed killing him and injuring three others :sad:

Reports are he fell off (through) a plexiglass roof

WHAT? Fuck. No.

Mehdi was in the very first mix I ever made as a Dj. Damn. This hurts. Rip.

Yeah i was quite hurt when I saw this too. I have been on his stuff for so long (one of the reasons why I got into French touch)… This is rough… and on the anniversary of Tupac’s death as well… crazy

Shit thats crazy! I think hes was one of the best on Ed Banger behind Justice, Oizo, and SebastiAn… and maybe Busy P too. Ok maybe not one of the best but he was good though this is pretty shitty.

Ive never heard of him. But dam just heard Signature Pretty good Rip another good DJ gone!

Wow, that really fuckin’ sucks… :confused:


RIP, he was amazing.