RIP Dwayne McDuffie - Prolific DC Animated and Comic Writer

Milestone Creator Dwayne McDuffie has Died - Comic Book Resources

If a mod wants to move this to the comic forum, that’s fine, but I think this guys work goes far enough beyond comics to warrant a place here. This guy did a TON of work for Justice League Unlimited, created Static Shock, and is responsible for the screenplays for a lot of DC Animated movies, including All Star Superman, which was just released today.


RiP, your work will never be forgotten ;.;

What the fuck?! Comics have been losing legends in the past year… RIP McD.

Going to watch some JLU with McDuffie on commentary when I get home (probably “Epilogue”).

Rest in Peace.

Aw man, wtf? Dude made my 2 favorite titles, Blood Syndicate and (currently de-powered in Titans…and still with that lame-ass Static Shock cartoon costume. That’s what happens when idiots get ahold of a smart man’s idea) Static, possible…damn, man.

damn RIP

CN, there better be a marathon of all of his animated work

Man this sucks. All his Milestone characters were starting to gain some prominence since they were integrated into the DC universe. He definitely made a lasting impression. He will be missed.

Ya I agree this is terrible news. I was going to post it in the comic thread myself but honestly everyone need to hear this. I love that parody of the skateboard heroes. ROFL. Im still pissed that DC let go the same guy that did the great of JLU. I mean are you fucking serious? FUCK YOU DC. When he was becoming the writer of JLA do they realize that was such a big deal? I almost became interested in DC again. (almost)

This is awful.

I’m a big fan of his work on JLU and DC’s animated features, and the comic industry just lost one of it’s top-tier.

His website’s still up. The last news post he made was 3 days ago where he wrote that Old Static from the JLU Once and Future Thing ep finally got a figure after all this time.

Dwayne McDuffie

RIP Dwayne.

Wow such a damn shame. Dude was a great writer and gave black kids heroes to look up to .

I think he probably died from obesity related health problems… when I was looking at pics of him from 09 he looked like he was getting kind of big…

But it could’ve just been some kind of freak accident… R.I.P…


He wrote alot of DCU movies I liked…

Damn… Not the news I expected today. Went to his website from time to time for Ben 10 status. Always used to watch Static back in the day. This is crazy.

ok, i knew there was gonna be a thread on this. Ive kinda been collecting my thoughts all day, unlike most of you, i have a direct connection to dwayne. He was kinda a mentor for me in high school as a kid. I discovered static right before the cartoon came out in 1999 i was prob 12/13 then. I found out about the whole milestone universe but i was attracted to static the most.

I tracked down dwayne and got to talk to him online on aim. He gave me alot of advice as a kid, on the industry. I lived in a magic world as a kid thinking good happen to good people…i knew there was a racial divide in the world. But for some reason comics was this special place where i thought as long as you had good art you would get your chance…to me art wasnt about what color the artist was. But he explained to me the real world, he truly showed me the light. He explained to me you really have to kick ass if your colored and kick the door down to get in. We didnt just talk about the evils of the industry, i asked him about the differences of the show and comic…why statics mom wasnt included.

I kinda wanna cry, there have been only three people who have had guided me in comics. Dwyane, Mike wieringo(never met or talked but is still an influence) and esteban valdez a local comic artist and animator whos work you saw and never knew. Im gonna miss dwayne…i dunno why i stopped talking to him. I kinda wish i never did, rest in piece. Thank you for showing a generation of kids a strong heroic black lantern. i hope more kids tried to track him and his world down like i did.

RIP Dwayne McDuffie

The man had his hands deep in some of the better comic and comic adaptations over the last 20 years. His legacy will no doubt live on but he will be missed greatly over the years.


One of my favorite writers and one seriously cool dude who got screwed over hardcore by bad managment during one of his last big runs. The Milestone comics to this day are still some of my favorites and I was really looking forward to seeing more done by him.

It looks like he died from complications from a surgery. No other details than that.