RIP: Founding member of Beastie Boys dead


Fuck 2016.

RIP John Berry. Beastie Boys made my high school days awesome.


Fuck 2016 for taking a guy that most people have never heard of.

Still sad, but you don’t have any nostalgia for this guy’s work. It’s like getting really upset over Pete Best dying.


damn man. my favorite group. this made my day suck already.


Shit. 2016 still ain’t stopping. Still have Hello Nasty on casette. RIP.


stop with the 2016 shit, the year didnt kill him you morons


2016 wilin’.


2016 fucking up everything


I’m a fan of the Beastie Boys but I can’t really say I know much of John Berry’s work aside from playing guitar on their first EP (back when they were starting off as a punk rock band) and him coming up with the band name.

Still tho, RIP.


what the fuuuuuuuuuck




2016 isn’t holding anything back.


man, go play mvc2


Damn, 2016 just won’t quit…


2016 confirmed for last guest character in KI. Ultra comboing everyone. I forsee the nerfs.


I hope your copy of MvC2 gets fatal errors.