RIP Hammer



this thread is dedicated to the most bs amazing move that our son of sparda had.

It was almost as good as Berserker slash, and now both moves have cancer.
but who cares about Logan (except if u use team Daigo)

Cancered Hammer, I will still find ways to use you, but no more steals and no more hearing my opponents bitch about how broken u are : (



I still say hammer will be good, just because of the invincibility on start up. It just won’t be as broken as it was.


The move looked really bad on the Umvc3 stream…I mean…This changes nothing, Just learn to use Devil trigger and Use Psycho crusher in the air. Its still invincible I believe.


Hammer was better than Berserker Slash honestly. Sure it didn’t auto-crossup but Dante has enough tools for that and Berserker Slash isn’t +20 on block…it’s not even safe on block actually.


(Hammer Jr. is still good though)


Could you guys change the title? Every time I read it I think MC Hammer died.


lool ^


Dante’s gonna be hella easy to rushdown now that I don’t gotta worry about being anti-aired or hammered by him.


nope, but the MC with the hammer may very well have.



Hammer’s frames have been changed so you have to actually know something is coming before you use it. Most likely 7 to 8 of the 15 frames it was invincible will still be invincible after it activates. Long as you know something is coming and release it early you should be straight because it’s going to be towards the end of the of the active frames where you get the invincibility now. If you know how to play fighting games you’ll figure out how to use hammer.

This will also force more use of the 5 other specials he has that anti air everything in the game for free.

Hammer was obviously nerfed in part to the buffs they gave to his DT. They want you to build meters for Dante so he can go nuts in that now. DT still gives him red health bac, 15 percent more damage, NOW triple jumps and double air dash (call assists and shoot shit all day from super jump height) plus more like…

Only the two best special moves probably in the game still (minus maybe some of PW’s turnabout stuff). Maybe people don’t remember…but Vortex is basically hard drive THE SPECIAL move. You can do it 3 times in the air before he lands and it’s invincible for 20 frames (this move had more invince frames and activated faster than hammer since vanilla) and you can combo off it on air hit (slight start up/recovery but that’s basically the same with hammer any way).** Oh and thunderbolt is a perfect 45 degree angle beam that does huge chip, combos into itself and can’t be advance guarded**.

Dante has had his own Shin Dante mode from the beginning and it basically got buffed.

Basically this all comes down to the fact that Capcom wants you to stop killing people in one combo and more than likely have Dante 2nd with a battery character in front building meter for him so he can come out the gate killing people in DT.


Welp, about 80% of MvC3 Dante players are screwed.


indeed. i’ve been hit out of hammer so many times, i’d say it has no invincibility at all anymore. hammer was just a way of dealing with mashers, which you shouldn’t do against dante anyways.
kind of stupid that ryu, akuma, and 80% of the SSFIV characters have invincible uppercuts that don’t require meter, but dante’s attack has to have invincibility after the startup.