RIP IN PIECES PO PIMPUS 2006-2017, THEN 2017-2018


Get bopped scrub.


So what was the straw this time? That poor camel’s got brittle bones syndrome or some shit.


He ventured into the MVCI general discussion thread and ranted after being warned by mods not to multiple times.


Let us Recap Poop Pimpleus greatest moments

Long Live Capcom


…so the same straw. I dipped in there and saw a singular rant and a warning. Did he post another one that got sent to the Shadow Realm?


He really has autism


Let us remember one thing, his account is still probably more likely to be alive in a few weeks than MvCI.


After being warned countless times, he got Warned again for insulting anybody who dared to have a different opinion. He then felt the need to play dumb. He thus got banned for wasting my time.

We often talk about wanting SRK to be Hard/OG fun, and we also talk about not having troll idiots getting in the way. This falls into the latter category.



preppy doing the lords work. bless.


Free Po 2018

Tees coming soon.


His only dream was to see Capcom brought to Saturday-morning cartoon justice.


The end of an era.

Rage In Peace


Is it a permanent ban?


it should be. i hope it is.


How is po a bigger troll than affinity?


Troll threads are back?


I don’t know. Nobody seems to be able to get through to him. Somehow people who have different opinions are his enemy. That’s not healthy. Given the multiple repeated warnings, I got nothing.

If you can get through to him, be my guest.

If you’ve got concerns about any given user, PM me and explain. Generally we let people grow over time: we all were noobs and idiots at some point, if not still.

“Ignore” is a useful tool.


Did you delete the post where he played dumb or am I just missing it?


He hit me up elsewhere. It’s great. /s


Doesn’t Po know it’s rude to bully the homeless?