RIP IN PIECES PO PIMPUS 2006-2017, THEN 2017-2018


I don’t.


I also don’t mind him. I chalk him up as a friend…but specifically that one friend that wants to audition for Jackass and all you can do is watch as he jumps off a roof onto a frozen pool.


Yea basically. Still consider Pro a friend, just sadly have to watch the dude hang himself from time to time, and then try to explain to him why that was the outcome even tho he wont learn from it anyway.



Get out of here with that nonsense


Here’s another one for Po to read from our good friends at Reset Era, lol.


While Po could have been more subtle that nigga didn’t tell any lies tho


Po didn’t intentionally lied; but when he was too stubborn to see the facts for what they are, not everything he said was a truth ether.


:lol: I’m dead

I just wanna know how people find out someone got banned so quickly to make these amazing troll threads. Ya better be careful tho, Po might come back Super Saiyan next time.


Part of it is that a lot of people in GD are also on the discord, and the moment they get banned, they’ll announce it there (usually in irritation or worse).


Po already did that, came back beyond mad. Look where it got him.
And there no Ultra Instinct for him, Just King Yama and his Son handing Po a Golden Egg and telling him his spiritual energies is going to cause it to hatch.
Stay pure and Po hatches an Angel, but we all know better. This is Po who stews in his own misery, His negativity is going to hatch a demon, and that demon is going to eat him.


RIP Freedom fighter.


Po alt.


Isn’t Alt’s against the forum rules?

Slightly unrelated

@Pertho I got a question for you.
Whats SRK’s policy on Alts?


Jesus, Darksakul. Did Po smash your ex or something?


No, but if he did he is welcomed to her.
I would not even give Stockyjam seconds of that



ban Razor instead


LOL @ thinking Darksakul has ever had a girlfriend.


If Po doesn’t respond to this he believes Smogon is the best website for Pokemon battle information.


You havent seen my Ex.