RIP IN PIECES PO PIMPUS 2006-2017, THEN 2017-2018


THIS. I have no issues with that skinny nigga when it comes to nba, dbz or even politics. Pokemon thread though, he is the reason our small community disappeared and now people talk about the card game instead. I heard similar things on the Smash thread where he apparently loses to Mood and Tyrone for free. And ofc we all know about his “love” for Capcom games.

I wouldn’t say he is worse than assfinity, but I can see how it would be harder for other users to ignore him over other trolls (assfinity) or idiots (Razor).



I’m positive that he is ugly in real life.


just to rub salt into the wound…

brought to you by CAPCOM, the one game po cant find flaw with




If you legit look at Po’s thoughts and feelings on Capcom and their handling of recent games, he isn’t…wrong. Now, he may come off a bit strong at times but at least he’s keeping it a buck versus the wack ass shilling going on.


The problem has never been with his opinions. This place exists for people to build communities and destroy the rest of the world in fighting games. He can’t help trying to get in the way of that, and so here we are.


Oh did I miss the fun?




It’s telling when he can be more fascist in a pokemon thread than a politics thread. Alas, he knows what he is doing. Like anyone here, We make our choices and know the wrong ones will have actions against it. Oh well…


POPOZAO (SSS-tier Broku Glack)



Monstee Hunter World is amazing. Praise Capcom. Fuck Po.


We need some music to go with this.

Also Fuck Po, Praise Capcom.


Ehh his last post was quite reasonable and articulated. Other than calling some people shills, which was true, he just joined the dead horse beating. He even complimented MvCi’s gameplay.

There’s an overly sensitive mod around, the same who restablished Marvelous as agree.


No its called, Hey don’t do that or we will ban you. Its the same kind of logic we try to teach two year olds.
And Po did that thing, So Po got punished again. Only this time it could be for good.

It does not matter how articulated Po was, or that he managed to muster the brain cells for; as Po should of used the same braincells to know what he was doing was a bad idea.
It was the exact same shit be got warned before and he got banned before, and he was told never to do it again.

People who go about kicking Hornets Nests get what they deserve.
As such the way in Soviet Republicks Kountry, learn to live within the rules or learn to live with a Ban.


I’m astonished that it took 11 years for the first one to happen, and then he didn’t seem to get the hint.

He’s entitled to his opinions, but discretion is the better part of valor.


Preppy: Please make it a permanent ban in po’s case. The man is simply unreachable and no amount of reasoning, sympathetic communication, or… well, fucking anything at all whatsoever gets through to this stupid ass. I tried for years, literally years, and he just kept getting worse and worse.

This really isn’t a useful diagnosis. I know plenty of autistic people who are actually quite well behaved and have a lot to contribute to a discussion… they just have odd quirks.

po isn’t autistic as far as I can tell. His problem is that he has this incredibly deep desire to be Right about things. He’s passionate about all sorts of topics, and often feels like he’s the only ‘sane man’ in any given gathering. That he’s somehow the defender of fun and justice and right and goodness in gaming, and everyone else is out to ban fun forever and play bad games forever. If I sound like I’m reducing this to very childlike terms, that’s because po’s level of thinking over the years has declined into… well, childish outbursts!

I do suspect some kind of mental illness is involved, though I couldn’t guess as to whether the cause is physical (that is, literally some physical problem in his head is affecting his brain function… which turned out to be my problem a few years ago and I normalized as soon as a surgeon cut the problem out of my head) or situational/social.

It’s a shame. When I first met him, he had strong opinions but good intentions and could usually back up his points. Back then, he had value as someone who could challenge popular opinions and make sure they were justified, or correct outright misinformed opinions. Unfortunately, he got worse over time. Much worse.

Since none of us have been able to get through to him and he refuses to get help for his issues, I have no problem saying “good riddance” and hope po remains banned permanently. He really has little to contribute, and irritates so many people so often that… well, he’s not a troll but he has the same damaging effects as one. The SRK Smash 4 crowd steadily died off mostly because we were fucking tired of dealing with his stupidity.


Opinions are if you say it once or twice, maybe again when the topic pops up and it’s relivant.
Not when it becomes almost every single post to the point it becomes your personal agenda.
Not to the point when it disrupts everything else.
And specially not when you “express your one (and only) view point” in the one place you know it would cause issues.

Expressing your self is saying "look a bomb"
It stop being an expression and becomes disruptive when you say “look a bomb” at an Airport

Po been known to shout “Bomb in a airport” one time too many.


Ok, RRD, gonna need you to dial it back a notch. Don’t think Jack here was saying that literally, ‘autism’ is just the new ‘retarded’ since ‘retarded’ became a no-no word.

And he’s not mentally anything. Dude’s just a jerk. It happens.


CG: Probably wasn’t saying it literally, but it’s worth correcting anyway.