RIP IN PIECES PO PIMPUS 2006-2017, THEN 2017-2018


Same way as a tumor is part of a body.


What in the fuck is going on up in here on this day


That’s not a reason. You going more than once to the theaters for that piece of shit however, is.



Gotta put up a #freePo here as well, guy speaks the truth and is chill in GD when not in a thread where people keep baiting him.


Visual of Po’s banishment…


I guess it’s only inevitable that someone is going to make

“Po was right” T-shirts .

Grant Morrison was a trendsetter.


“We don’t care about po”

*proceeds to create a thread about po and it has nearly 80 replies in less than a day.

Yeah sure none of you all care about him. You care about him so little you’re spending days talking about him.



This is now the best Po thread.


RIP, haters gonna hate!


And people I now give you the Po is dead victory music:


Well this was my choice

Ding Dong the Bitch is Dead

Now we wait for his much more evil Bitchier brother to appear for revenge (and those RWBY shoes).


Damn I didn’t realize that you guys hate him that much


Not really in my case.
However if it were Daboog or Razor,I would definitely make a thread like this.


LMAO what did he do now?

EDIT: Just checked the first page. He hasn’t text me at all. Probably should check on him :rofl:

EDIT2: Talking with him on the phone right now. He wants to know how long he’s going to be banned.


Other than the thing he was told to stop and can’t stop, everything was fine? I think that was my entire point, so not sure what you’re driving at. Yup, agreed.

I think you’re misinterpreting “establishing boundaries” here. For the past longer-than-you’ve-been-on-SRK people want to build up tension and friction so that people can beat each other’s ass at fighting games while not having us descend into a bed of trolls and keyboard warriors. He’s been the latter: engaging in trollish behavior that doesn’t get us anywhere. He’s been asked repeatedly and again to stop it, and so here we are. Sorry other people don’t have more time to solve his problems.

Moderation sucks. I’m not a huge fan of doing it. I’ve been clear to all the current mods that I want light hands, but if you do get told to stop doing something stop doing it. Have a dialog if you need to about what’s expected, but if you don’t listen you should be expected to be treated as if you didn’t listen.

Yeah, he definitely got baited into randomly jumping into threads where he wasn’t posting in to share his divine opinion and declared everyone else to be heathens. lol



I was handing him Ls last EVO he went to (2016), after a while he finally dropped the controller, walked to the corner of the room, sat down on a chair and started ranting about how stupid the character I was using was


:lol: what a scrub.


What was the game?



Nothing else out he would play at the time


Let me guess…you used cloud?