RIP Jack Chick, America's best worst evil batshit looney fundamentalist comic artist




I used to think these people were crazy, but after witnessing the inter-sectional relationship of feminism, gays and Islam under the SJW umbrella I am really reconsidering my stance and taking another look at religion.

Seeing stuff like this… makes me have to consider maybe their right, these people act and look like demons from hell.



Rip to one of the greatest comedy gold mines


And here’s the best line of the bunch.



I remember those pamphlets scaring the shit out of me when I was a kid…


never read this guys stuff and after reading the first two posts im glad i didnt

rip tho, i guess


The guy was a total cook, and kind of a shitbag, but he was responsible for all those cartoon religious pamphlets left lying around in public spaces all across America to this day.

It is all frankly hilarious shit, if somewhat terrifying when you realize people around you literally believe it all.


It’s also terrifying how people like Jimbo13 want to believe it cause some dudes wear lipstick and have pink hair.



RIP but fuck this guy.


LOL I had no idea all of those were the same guy. RIP to a guy who provided me endless entertainment dealing with the religious right growing up in Texas.


(You should totally post the D&D one, Reticently. Personally I think that’s still the most hilarious one.)

I am tempted to say this is one of the few good things to happen this year, but at the same time, this guy has not been relevant in forever–not that he ever really was thankfully–and I thought he was already dead, so I am bit conflicted.

Oh well. Might as well spare a small refrain for a big joke:

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust.
Oh shit!
There’s a demon inside all of us!


One less Trump voter. :coffee:


Are you for Nuclear War then, Cor?

Or just hundreds of thousands of “Muslim refugees” flooding into the country, and ransacking the economy, liberty, and general safety, even further?

Trump is a slight lump in a tit.

But Hillary is full-blown body-wide spread metastasis.


Fucking shit take the political talk elsewhere.

And let’s have some fun with some of the better Tracts.


Shin Akuma


And nothing of value was lost.


I’m for cutting out both tumors.


Rest in peace.

He did what he was supposed to do according to his faith.