RIP Lemmy Kilmister

got damn, Motorhead :frowning:

I posted this in the metal thread:

I remember when I saw them perform Lemmy came out before the set and told the crowd “thank you for all of our fans who came out tonight, we hope you enjoy the set. If this is the first time hearing us thank you for giving us a chance. I am Lemmy and we are Motörhead. We hope you enjoy the show”

and after the show he was told the crowd “thank you again to all of our fans who came out and any new fans we gained in the process. We are Motörhead. Thanks for listening and have a great night”

I thought that was super cool and humble. I’ve never seen or heard anything like that from any band.

RIP Lemmy. Thanks to Tony Hawk Pro Skater I discovered Motörhead and never stopped loving your music.

Welp, that sucks.

Fuckin’ 2015. Even with just a few days left it’s still taking people with it.

R.I.P. to the only metal singer ever to be immortalized as a Koopaling.

Wasn’t big into Motorhead even though I enjoy the hell out of a couple of the songs. He was in a bad ass band before called “Hawkwind” which is one of my favorite 70’s rock bands but got kicked out and then formed Motorhead. I also learned that the name comes from people who do speed and are nicknamed motorhead. RIP Lemmy.

Its sad that he won’t be as fondly remembered for how good of a songwriter he was. Easily a GOD metal lyricist.

Man this is crazy, too crazy. I’m more of a casual fan since the only albums I have are Ace of Spades and No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith, but I appreciate a talented musician when I hear one and Lemmy was one of the best in my opinion. Read an article about him in Rolling Stone a while back and it mentioned how his tolerance level for drugs and alcohol were pretty amazing so I just imagined he’d keep going well after he hit 90. Too much.

(edit) Actually reading the articles now. Two days after his birthday, jeez. :frowning:

Fuck I should have seen him live last summer when I had the chance :sad:


But… this shouldn’t be possible.
It’s been scientifically proven that if Lemmy’s lifestyle doesn’t kill you within a week, you’re practically immortal.

Fucking 2015 taking the lives of so many of my idols. RIP. =(

I was introduced to Motorhead/Lemmy’s music through it being HHH’s theme song. Really really good stuff. Things like this I’m never good with words. But he will be greatly greatly greatly missed. RIP Lemmy.

Was never the biggest Motorhead fan. Only really know Ace of Spades and a couple of other songs. I respect his legacy though, sad he went but remarkable he made it to 70 given the lifestyle he led.

I only knew them through WWE/THPS.

But they were quickly recognizable after that.

Terrible buzzer beater!

Fucking miracle that he even made 70 with his lifestyle.

Rest in peace, Lemmy.
The only card we need is the ace of spades.

So that basically means Motorhead doesnt exist anymore. Nothing they ever do would be the same without that gravelly voice.

I’m only gonna use one gun the entire time I play Destiny today

All these deaths make me more aware of my own age and how I’m gonna end up like one of the old fucks I despised being a youth.
First Ronny James Dio then Peter Steele now Lemmy, and all I’m doing is listening to bands I’ve listened to for the past 15 years while complaining how music sucks nowadays.

Yep. Another generic “Remember this artist who just died” thread. Fuck you Soviet for being the one who made this thread and the only song you link is “Ace of Spades”. Shit. if there’s an afterlife and Lemmy’s eternal spirit is watching us all he’d probably be pretty damn annoyed that that’s still the only song people know him for after 40 years of songwriting.

First the drummer, now Lemmy. Damn… Motörhead was one of the bands that made my adolescence and adulthood tolerable, especially Lemmy. RIP, man.