RIP Lil' Wayne


TMZ is reporting he is being read his last rites, he is on life support, and the family is at his side…


soooo kurt cobains coming back right? thats how this works?


He might make it out alive. Who knows.

Hopefully, people will learn that going ham on Proco syrup means death.

But it’s not like it matters. People will eventually popularize another pharmaceutical to fuck with. Who wants to bet Cheratussin is next?


TMZ with the lies again apparently.


Say what you will about TMZ, but they’re usually Gospel with things like this. I do hope Mack Maine is right though, and I noticed TMZ has deleted the part about “last rites.”




Now if only the rest of these Hip Pop faggots would follow suit. And by that I mean drop dead.


anyone who is wishing him death is stupid…youll never hear the end of it. i prefer he surivive and dissappear.


-the carter d34d
-matyr status
-debates on hip hop and drugs
-debates on hip hop and youth
-remix albums out the wazoo


didn’t he have a head injury from a skateboarding accident some months ago?
iirc, liam neeson’s late wife (natasha richardson) had a similar head injury accident, thought she was fine, refused medical attention, then days afterwards, died from complications from her injuries.
this sounds similar (minus the medical attention refusal), and could have nothing to do with his codeine habit. maybe exacerbation, but not causal.

edit: correction, that head injury was from 2011. and apparently, reports are conflicting on the status of his health.


Natasha Richardson died from an epidural hematoma from hitting her head within hours of the injury. Something happening months ago wouldn’t cause this, fool did it to himself.


codeine and sprite did this…


Karma and stupidity did this. Lol if they make his faggot ass out to be some kinda of hero/fallen soldier. Not that it matters, the damage has already been inflicted upon black culture and no one will learn from this.



saw t.i confirm wayne is okay on twitter, and going ham on tmz for the reportings. in before tmz claims hacked. haha.




Just thankful it wasnt BasedGod


brain damage…whether it happens from a physical injury or drug induced is nothing to trifle with.
don’t believe me?
know what kicked bruce lee’s ass?
if you answered dan inosanto, bolo yeung, kareem abdul jabbar, or chuck norris…you’d be wrong.
it was a headache.
think about that.
bruce lee, the healthiest, most fit, most athletic man in the world circa 1973…
from a headache.
good luck getting your head examined before you croak with the shitty american health care services the way they are.


lol who cares


he needs to lay off the purple drank.


i do…i need to know if i have to ignore social media for a year.