RIP, Marvel Vs. CAPCOM


Ultimate Marvel Vs. CAPCOM 3 will likely be the last crossover title between any Marvel property and CAPCOM until something drastic happens.


What a way for the series to end: with Doom missiles and Morrigan’s tits in your face.


Disney vs Capcom: Fate of a whole new world?


Thank the Lord!


damn thats a shame I was hoping theyd make MvC3 someday


a crossover of disney and marvel characters is about as uninteresting as crossovers get imo


rest in fucking pieces


Time to get (Another Comic Publishing Company that isn’t either Marvel or DC) vs Capcom

I suggest Dark Horse vs Capcom


This isn’t the end. Disney Interactive only have two developers under their umbrella. One will doing Disney Infinity and the other makes shovelware titles. They could bring Capcom in as a second party dev. Capcom has worked under that capacity in the past.




Could the Kingdom Hearts cast ever star in a fighting game? Maybe…


Is this legal? I know it doesn’t matter, because Disney is litigious as fuck (eg suing DC over Captain Marvel several times even though if DC actually fought the suit they would win), and everybody will fold anyway, but humor me. I don’t know how these licensing contracts work, I thought it was a deal where Capcom would get to sell UMvC3 forever and Disney was just accepting that they were signing up for licensing fees, nothing more.




This is old news, but I’m too lazy to find previous threads upon it:

It’s already happened, too. Marvel doesn’t think that Capcom games add big value to their franchise. Clearly Disney needs to buy Capcom. :sad:


That is one of the most fun clusterfucks in comics history,

    is of course an introductory primer, but I think you’re thinking of DC suing Fawcett over Captain Marvel. Marvel picked up the abandoned trademark and ran with it, and thus you get into that whole Shazam/Captain Marvel clusterfuck.
    This of course completely pales in comparison to the fucked up Marvelman fiasco:
    The above has a brief summary: the publication of Miracleman by Marvel this past year should be considered an absolute (/sunglasses) miracle, and if you’re ever bored you can try to figure out exactly what the current legal status of Marvelman/Miracleman SHOULD be. The shenanigans involved here are hilarious, and if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s an Alan Moore/Gaiman production I imagine it would have been abandoned long-ago as just too fucked up to ever be salvageable.


on a real console this time


Would rather have Image. Spawn, The Darkness, Witchblade, Invincible (plus another hero or villain from that comic), Prince Robot IV and The Will from Saga, Death and the Ranger from East of West, Old Man Prophet, Glory, Ginny from Pretty Deadly, Josephine from Fatale, one or two of the Ratqueens, some of the fucked up scientists from The Manhattan Projects, Tony Chu from Chew, Apocalypse Al, add some characters from the WildCats, Youngblood and Cyberforce series, heck add that sheriff dude from Walking Dead. I could go on all fucking day.

You guys probably have mostly no idea what I’m raving about.


I say good ridance :tup:


Up next, Capcom vs Capcom, fate of two Capcom’s.


The worst part is that anyone picking up the game now will never legally be able to play as Shuma or Jill despite them being finished before UMVC3 was released. Thanks for that Capcom.

Fuck 'em we need some 2000AD or like @COAL‌ said, Image.