RIP Michael Turner

I just flipped through Witchblade comics a decade ago, so I’m not a fan but, I know this is a big loss in the comic world. Talk about totally out of left field.

jeez top tier artists are dropping out of nowhere. man. i read pretty much everything he did. im not even sure why…i think everything he drew had an interesting story to me…cuz his art was never great but sumtin about witchblade and aspen just sucked me in. especially aspen…that whole world was fascinating to me.

this is shocking and sad, Witchblade was the first comic that made me seriously start collecting. one time after a convention he was done signing books for the day and i asked for just one signature for a book i bought specifically for him to sign earlier. a lot of creators say no, that there are scheduled times, but not him, he had no qualms at all, signed it and was super nice about it. sad to think of all the great characters that he won’t draw. R.I.P.

is his comic label still in buisness…i havent checked up on him in a while but i remember he was producing aspen spin offs under his own label. whats gonna happen to it, if its still goin.

Terrible news.
I had heard he was getting worse, but was hoping he’d bounce back like he had those other times.

One of, if not the nicest guys in the industry.
Totally humble and loved what he did.

Condolences to all of Aspen, his friends and family.
Bad day.

Damn, He was one of my favorites and came out to a comic shop near me. Seemed like a nice dude. Sorry to see him go.

;_; Still have my #1 issue of Fathom, too. RIP, MT.

NO WAY. Yeah, now I’m definitely picking up his variant for Uncanny 500.

Terrible news.

RIP Mike.


rest in peace, man. his work got me into comics at a real young age. i’ll never forget that.

Whoa I’m speechless. He died so young.


Way too Young!

When I collected comics when I was younger, some of the comics I bought were because of his Variant Covers!

R.I.P :sad: Micheal Turner :sad:
You will be missed!

I hardly read the guys work, so I won’t pretend to know him. But any loss in the comic industry is always bad.

R.I.P my man.

RIP man

he was one of my inspiration to be a better artist and now hes gone:sad::shake:
he well be very missed rip mike your art well live on forever:karate:

whoa, I didnt know there was anything wrong with him. I was never a fan of his but its still sad to see him go.

2008 strikes again

Damn 08 pulled one again, and to think that V3 of Fathom just started and the new Soulfire
anytime soon. (iirc)

Wow man…I had no idea he was battling cancer.
A sad moment for comic book readers…

RIP Mr. Turner…:sad: