RIP Mike Wieringo


Damn indeed, that sucks.

omg, he was one of my favorite artists of all time. RIP, ringo. :sad:

Great artist, RIP. :sad:



that man made me wanna draw comics. I have pretty 90% of tellos still in my house…the man omg…i have a few issues of his run in robin. This is soo fucked up…no.

i feel like crying right now. This is not cool one bit. seriously…what…the…fuck. I still have an old issue of wizards where he teaches you how to draw spider-man.


he was literally the guy who made me wanna draw comics…when i got into comics as a kid i tried to find anything he drew. also got some flash he did. god bless him.

Damn. He was one of my favorite Flash artists as well. And his run on Fantastic Four was damn good. Bart Allen(his creation alongside Mark Waid) and Mike Wieringo in the same year. That really sucks.

they better bring bart back now.

Man I freaking loved his pencils on Spider-Man books. My eyes are tearing up like a little bitch. 44 years old damn man. RIP.


sano, yeah totally. i really loved his work on friendly neighborhood spider-man.

in fact, the only poster i own is the door poster with his artwork of spider-man on it.

Damn… RIP.

Awesome artist and very good storytelling skillz.

saw this on newsaram too…not really familiar with his work

GODDAMMIT!! He was taken much too young. :sad: :sad: :sad:

Loved his work, still have a lot of his issues laying around. He had a fantastic work ethic and a style that stood out on the stands. He was definitely an inspiration to me, and to many others. He’ll be missed terribly. :sad:

RIP 'Ringo. :sad:

he made comics kid friendly…no matter what the story was going on his style was sooo kid friendly. he truly posessed the heart of someone who understands what comics are meant for. He will always be my hero.

We lost a great artist…IMO one the best Spiderman artist out there.
Every comic book I read with his art I really enjoyed…regardless of how corny the story was.
RIP :sad:

I don’t understand. How the fuck do you have a heart attack when you’re a vegetarian? That’s the whole fucking point of eating so healthy. What a fucking gyp, the world was robbed of a great man. RIP =(

you know its truly his time when that happens.


RIP Mike Wieringo.

Yeah, I was very surprised to read about his death on the news sites. His style was always very attractive. I didn’t follow too much of his work particularly closely, but I am pretty into the Fantastic Four he did with Waid. Their FF comics were the first ones that really got me into the team.

I couldn’t believe it when I read it on Deviant art.
44 years old, physically fit, and one of the nicest guys in comics, not to mention one of the most talented.

I’d never had the privilege of knowing him like so many others, but it still knocked the wind out of me.

You just never know.

Yeah, that was what surprised me so deeply. He was only 44 and they said he had a heart attack. That’s hard to believe. I guess I don’t know what he looked like or if he was a big dude or anything, but someone just posted that he was a vegetarian.