RIP Nobuo Nagai- Nintendo director

Rest in peace.

Had to do some research on this guy because at first I was like ‘who?’. So this guy was actually the one in charge of making the hardware. RIP

Just want someone to clear this up for me so I can be sure about this. And I read up on him a bit. So he helped design the hardware for every nintendo system starting with the famicom/nes? Or was it only the japan versions? Or both japan and overseas hardware?

R.I.P. good sir.

Damn, it must be hard to get a promotion in japan

RIP, from all the Nintendo hardware I’ve owned only time I had to get it serviced was when I dropped it or when the previously used one I purchased internal fan quit working. Either way, Nintendo was on point with better then any other electronics’s warranty I’ve ever had to use. True or not I’ll give this man the credit for that.

Rest in peace, yo.

R.I.P =/

I wonder if everyone had to blow on the casket before it would properly lower into the ground.