RIP Nohoho




This was also in the SRK front page.

Made me incredibly sad.


People like Nohoho are the real life blood of this community. Sad to hear of his passing.


Regrettably I’m not familiar with Nohoho, but I can see that he was a good man. Rest in peace


Those ST translations were the bomb RIP




More than deserving of the front page:

Damdai told me of Fred’s passing a few days ago I only met him a few times the first being at my first ST tournament in 2004, and after that a few times at CTF and EVO, but he always gave me good advice like when Afro Legends challenged me to a $2000 money match FT 10 in 2007 with the handicap that I only needed to win 3 matches and at the time my dumbass thought I could beat him in person just because I beat him a few times on XBL Anniversary Collection LOL, sooo glad Fred talked me out of accepting. Not only was he a great Blanka player, but he was always trying to help grow the scene and did more for ST than most and really loved the game, I haven’t talked to him since EVO 2012 I think? It’s always a blow to the FGC when anyone of us passes, but there weren’t many people who were so knowledgeable and so willing to spread that knowledge as Fred.

Youtube playlist of his matches =)


Should be stickied.

I barely dabbled in ST but I think everyone who even tried to play ST knew of Nohoho and all his contributions.


Not all too familiar with Nohoho personally, but I did stumbled upon his blog when looking up some SF2ST info sometime ago (very useful, I might add).

May he rest in peace.


did he off himself?

name kind of rings the bell. I think he played at CTF and various EC tourneys…



R.I.P. Nohoho…


So sad. ST was my main game for a long time and his blog was a treasure trove of info. From amazing match videos, player info, translations, matchup charts, history of the Japanese scene, arcane tactics that no one in the West knew before, his efforts were a big boost for the ST community and helped everyone improve their skills. He will be greatly missed.


Very sad. I first watched his matches 10 years ago in the early years of Youtube and individually downloadable videos from SRK. For a long time, I would visit his site on a daily basis.

Tremendous player that did so much for the community.

Any news on what happened to him?




I’m not as close to the subject as some of the other OG members here (confirmed 09’er) but I can say that I’ve most definitely heard the name; and reading about his passion for the game and his contributions to the scene does a great job painting the picture of a man whom was surely one of the linchpins of the FGC.

Like someone’s already mentioned, it’s always shitty to hear about a death or sickness in the family.

Rest well friend.


So what exactly happened to him? Did he have a medical issue or was he in an accident?


Sad day and big loss for the FGC, not to say to their family. RIP Nohoho


Sad news indeed. RIP, Nohoho.


rip brother, drinking one in your memory tonight.


I remember in the ST revival craze, someone linked this new blog and it had it ALL: matches, interviews, tech, info, it was HEAVEN for any fighting (not only ST) fan.

RIP bro, hope you have a cabinet to play ST on free play at heaven.