have you bought a street fighter back issue at a rip off price but had to have it!

i bought an issue 4 christmas cover for 9.99 in mint
i feel kind of ripped of at the price !!!

tell ur tales of woe here!!!


Well I was never outraged by these as I bought these willingly but:
Street Fighter #1 virgin cover 15
Dodgy Street Fighter #1 power foil cover 20
(Good copy costed $20)
Street Fighter #4 Christmas variant $31

On a further note I want to complain that the wall scrolls cost 15 each & I just got 4 of them come in from ordering…ouch lol.


My Ebay Street Fighter stats (not including shipping):
#0 Canadian Expo: $14.00
#0 San Diego: $15.50
#2 Ken Powerfoil: $9.99
#2 Cover A (First Printing): $2.99
#0 DF Sketch: $8.99
Having damn near every cover (the one’s that matter to me anyways) and supporting a good cause: PRICELESS!! :smiley:


You American/Canadian bunch are so lucky everything’s much cheaper over there, a is worth almost $2.


Yeah but it bites us in the ass when we wanna import all of the cool UK-only items. :frowning:


the secondary market pricing is only worth it for what you think it is worth. If you feel that a retailer is selling something too expensive, then look around for a better deal.

I am a crazy collector on a lot of things, and I know how hard it is to budget things… :slight_smile:


Well I’m not keen on importing from anywhere either since I have to send the payment via cash in the post, which I have done a few times for these comics, but as I said I never minded paying the amount I am proud of my collection even if I haven’t bothered collecting virgin covers & foil logo covers.

BTW what cool UK-items are there?
Trust me we as a gamer talking now always envy the Americans:D


Not so much games, but things like CDs. You guys always get the bomb-ass special edition versions while we Americans get stuck with either the lame version, or simply nothing at all! Though we both should be complaining about Japan…they get the really cool shit and most of the time you can’t order it from them! The Capcom of Japan website has these phatty Akuma wristbands, with the “ten” symbol on them! We (USA) get stuck with a crappy SF EX T-shirt. :frowning:


One thing you must know about me:
I don’t care about music, I don’t care that much about films, my only real interest is video games & anything related LOL.
Yep Japan I envy a lot they get everything… Then the US:p


Definitely, we do get a few CD’s that carry the the ‘suspicious’ special edition tag, but generally all this really amounts to is a couple of extra tracks, usually just live recordings which you could probably find on singles. If they actually did decide “give away” a new track - it’s probably not very good as they chose not to release it in the original cut. CD’s in the UK generally cost about 12.99, which i believe is outrageously expensive - it’s about $23. So really we deserve the extra tracks in rip-off Britain. Video games are even worse, 40 ($71) for a poor PAL conversion…


what the f… you need to cut that greedy middle man out. buy off the net, may i suggest “cd wow” or “ebay” if worse comes to worse.

40 man u get ripped worse then i do!!(and thats sayin a lot)