RIP Original Xbox Live

Well people, it’s the end of an era. No more online CVS2, sadly. And everyone who put in time on Anniversary Collection, Guilty Gear XX #Reload or King of Fighters Neowave (that’s me) can sit back and reflect.

Something of note is the implication that they might open up the public to take over online support, a la Phantasy Star. But that may just be a pipe dream.

If someone could crack the firmware to point to a different server, hypothetically, it should work. It just depends on if there would even be demand for it.

I believe theres already a few, XBConnect being one of them. I’ve never tried any so I can’t comment on if they’re any good or not, however.

Its the end of an era for sure, though I doubt it impacts many people beside those that still play Halo2, SFAC or the other Xbox1 games with a dedicated community.

I think there’d be some interest in, say, GGPO CVS2, even if it is CVS2 EO and MAYBE a little #Reload. KOF2k2, 3rd Strike, SF2 and such have all kinda been taken over by regular GGPO.

IIRC, isn’t XBC just a small hax that tricks the Xbox into thinking it’s on a local network? In that case it wouldn’t work for fighters.

Let’s just not talk about GG#R’s live support (or lack thereof) :bluu:

So many good memories…

I’d play GGPO #r

and CvS2

thanks for all the memories during high school. and gg’s to all i’ve played in cvs2/ggxx#r/sfae/svc chaos etc.

People on eventhubs are going crazy and attacking Microsoft and telling us all to buy 20 PS3s.

I will miss SF3 on Xbox Live, good times in my late junior high years. Oh well, it was bound to happen.

People are raging like clowns over this. Why this is turning into a console war is dumb.

Only 2-3 games on Xbox v1 get played regularly(Halo 2, Counter-Strike, SWB2) the latter two have really sparse populations. If you want to play 3s, play it for free on GGPO/2DF.

Besides, after GameStop stopped carrying original xbox games, that was kind of a blow to anyone getting into the older titles.

XBC just uses the internet as a “tunnel”. It uses the internet as an extened Local Area Network. So it only works on games that HAVE a system link option, such as Haloa nd Halo 2.

So all these Halo 2 crybabies need to stop crying, though it IS a little bit more of a PITA to use. However, us fighting game fans are SOL.

I think the big issue for the H2 players are that DLC has been cut off already, and since you can’t get into matchmaking without all the maps (of which 2 are not on the map disc), and the 360 has a habit of dying and corrupting that data…

Those of us with the old Xboxes still are fine, though :stuck_out_tongue:

og xbox gave me my first experiences to playing online back in 05 IIRC

good times, RIP good buddy

bungie said they’re trying to figure out wtf to do about that, since the last day of OG XBL they were going to have a “HALO 2 Send Off”

RIP :confused:

It was definitely good times, especially on Neowave and Reload.

Damn, I thought they been discontinued that shit…

Damn. I owe a HUGE part of my competitive fighting gaming experience from CvS2 on XBL, my freshmen & sophomore year of HS were completely owned by it.

Sad to see this go even though I don’t play it anymore, damn.

GG everyone.