RIP Pete Steele

Let me start this out by saying that I am not a fan of Type-O Negative. I could never really get into their music when I first heard them back in the 90s. Regardless, though, it still sucks when people go before their time.

RIP Pete Steele

oh deng i listened to them when i was wicked young. dope band when i was young…dunno what they sound like in the past decade or so.

Life’s a game I cannot win.
Both good and bad must surely end.
The mirrors always tell the truth.
I love myself for hating you.



Only link I could find.

I’m a huge Type O fan. Kept track of the various forms that the band has gone through.
Fallout from 1979? - 1983
Carnivore 1984 - 1988?
Type O Negative 1991 - current

wtf man

never really followed them but rip

I’d like to think this is a joke but I’m pretty sure it’s not. Type O has been my favorite band for over a fucking decade and this is really shitty news for me. RIP, Pete.

man are you kidding me? Wow, another band I dont get to hear new stuff from :frowning:

My girlfriend saw them live and told me it was one of the fucking craziest shows she had seen. I was hoping to see them. Not any more. :frowning:

I was forced to listen to Type O negative for almost daily a good year and a half of my life. It was girlfriend at the time’s favorite band. Shes somewhere crying HAAAAARD right now.

Somehow I knew, at the same time hoping it wasn’t Peter Steele of Type O Negative…
RIP Peter… :sad:
Your (T.O.N) music is one of a kind, and will live on forever!..

you’re not a fan so you start a thread. uhhh okay…