RIP Ray Bradbury


favorite book was fahrenheit 451

he was a great writer, he did more than just sci fi too. i love that a lot of his short stories often mixed in some horror elements. for example, his earlier short story, The October Game.

goodbye amazing writer.


Knifed right in the childhood.:frowning: Farewell Ray Bradbury, it’s times like when watching Twilight I’d hope you or someone else of quality would write something of similar premise that would nuke that shit and its wreter into oblivion. When I’m done with Hell’s Kitchen, I’m gonna read some of his short stories.


I never read the rest of his stuff (though I’v heard a lot about them), but Fahrenheit 451 was pretty damn god tier. Probably won’t be seeing anyone this cool again for a long time.


Hide William Gibson now!


Visionary, shame his visions look like they can be reality.


I heard about it a couple hours ago and it really killed my day, even though it was just starting. I love the accessibility of his style and the writer himself was quite a unique individual as well. He was getting pretty old, but he never seemed to be unenthusiastic about anything. The world lost an amazing man today.



I am probably the only one old enough to remember this show.


It used to come on after Alfred Hitchcock presents.


nope. More old men on here than just you. R.I.P. ray.



In the same boat as you. I remember doing a book report on him as a kid with the initial mindset of the jetsons = science fiction. Something Wicked This Way Comes or something, carnivals and tattoos and laughing.


I really need to read more of him. I read a few short stories of his, but I have forgotten them. Farenheit is a masterpiece. Must read again. :tup:


WHO :wtf:


2012 is a cruel mistress.




I have read a good amount of his books. Such a great creative mind and it is sad to see him go but he lived a long life. Do yourself a favor and go read more of his works they are amazing.


Is anyone really writing at a caliber the old guard was?

It’s sad to say that I know of a scant few that even come close, but the old writers were leaps and bounds above what we have now.

It’s a shame that no one will come close to Tolkien, Lewis, Bradbury, and various others. Well, I’d hope there would be, but it’s going to be a shock to see it happen at this point.