RIP Richard Attenborough, Age 90



Robin Williams, Richard Attenborough…

Please. Please make it stop.


R. I. P. John Hammond.


Unfortunate. Seems like he hasn’t been in good health in several years, so at least he is at peace now. Rest in peace.


RIP and condolences to the family.


I didn’t know about his ill health, sounds like he had a very tough past few years. He 91 years young, R.I.P



A great age to die at, if any.



his voice + nature shows = TOO GOOD


He had a long and full life, good on him for making it to a grand 9 decades of life.


thats david attenborough… theyre brothers.



“…spared no expense”


Thought this guy died years ago lol RIP


Dude made Gandhi.
This is a sad day :sad:


no! Fuck
Now who is going to narrate my bbc nature documentaries?
Oprah? Fuck you Oprah.


wrong Attenborough nigga :coffee:


Since you are white dude, I would suggest you refrain from using “nigga” so much, taking into account the 100% increase in black people in Lancashire you need to be more sensitive with it’s use.


whatever happened to black until proven innocent on SRK? But yea ive signed up for some sensitivity classes, the cloud of change is upon us


R.I.P. :shake: