RIP Scott Weiland - Lead Singer of Stone Temple Pilots


This sucks…STP was one of those bands that got me though high school.
Still rock “Set Me Free” when he was with Velvet Revolver.
One of my favorite STP songs.





heroin addict dies in his 40’s after dropping out of rehab multiple times? SAY IT AIN’T SO.


RIP, Weiland was a legit singer not like most who make a living off the art these days.


Holy shit. I was not expecting this. RIP.

One of my favourite STP songs


STP prime was greatness. His solo stuff was underrated IMO. RIP.




So sad.


Very sad, but honestly not unexpected. RIP you talented tragic man, I will roll some STP and Velvet Revolver today.


Wow. I’m more surprised he managed to live as long as he did. RIP tho.

Keith Richards still confirmed immortal.




RIP Scott Weiland

I am lucky enough to see him twice (Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver). His voice was top tier and it doesn’t get enough credit. He was also great on stage and his dancing was clearly inspired by one of the greatest frontmen of all-time, Mick Jagger.


RIP Scott. I like most of what he did with STP in the 90’s. Thank you for the memories.



Crackerman live, just amazing. So much energy.


Stone Temple Pilots was for people who were too gay to listen to Nirvana.
Still sad when people die so young even if their music sucks.
He had a fucking amazing voice though.


This is one of those posts that make me wish the WTF button wasn’t taken out.


STP was competent mainstream radio play alternative. No need to bury them just because there was also better stuff out there.


I love Nirvana, but go ask someone who grew up in Seattle grunge scene what they thought about Nirvana. They will tell you Nirvana was very gay.

Also, the DeLeo brothers arranged some of the best rock music of the 90’s. Robert actually played the bass, unlike most of the other bassists from that era. Dean was a great guitarist and created his own unique style. While most guitarists were playing power chords, Dean was playing a lot of crazy weird chords and used a ton of sliding harmonics. Together, they were a perfect blend and really pushed the limit of how intricate and deep you could get from a single bass and guitar.


I’m heartbroken.

I don’t know what else to say, other than rest in peace.


Even though it’s a cover I think this is one of their best songs. RIP.