RIP Sherman Hemsley


RIP Sherm Hemsley

You will be moving on up to a Deluxe Apartment in Heaven.


Most of the younger generation is going who? It is a sad sad state of affairs.


Man, I still have nightmares of HBO endlessly running Ghost Fever when I was a kid…what’s on? Ghost Fever. *Again.:bluu: *


RIP Jefferson :frowning:


he made me laugh alot. :frowning:



the world lost a legend :frowning:



It was only gonna go more downhill after Jackson went.






The best strut of all actors :(.


Day is officially ruined. :shake:


R.I.P. Sherman Helmsley.

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

I’ll also remember you for one of my favorite skits of all-time…



When he gets to his deluxe apartment I hope he takes the whole pie.
R.I.P Sherman :sad:


Hella laughs from this guy. He will be missed.
Oh god, that Howard Stern skit is sooo funny! :rofl:


He and Weezy were a great team, The Jeffersons was an awesome show and brought me some timeless joy as a kid.


We finally got a piece of the piiii~iieeeeeeeee!


Dat theme song… :tup:


ah man. R.I.P Sherman Hemsley.

oh how I loved your jokes against the [white] man.


RIP…will be missed.


RIP. He acted like a real life Yosemite Sam.





Shit man serious?! :frowning: Night is ruined.

R.I.P. Mr. Jefferson.


Interesting thing was how much older Isabel Sanford (Weezy) was compared to him, Sherman had that female chemistry stat maxed out at 25…6!