RIP Spectacular Spider-Man 2008-2010

The Spectacular Spider-Man

I did a search, but didn’t find anything. So delete if needed.

But it starts this saturday morning on the Kids WB. Thoughts?

Why does the vulture look like the count from sesame street?

I am wondering the exact same thing.

Yeah the Vulture looks like he’s gonna start rattling numbers off any second, but the Vulture WAS Spidey’s first supervillain in the original comics, wasn’t he? Kinda cool that they’re sticking to the original source material. With a lot of 2008 added in.

What happened to that spider man cgi cartoon that used to come on MTV a few years ago? that one was half decent

They’re using that lanky curvy neo-Transformers style for this too?

I wish they’d just use McFarlane’s wide-eyed Spidey, he looks much better IMO.

Oh well I will have to watch it, because it’s Spiderman. I can deal.

Hopefully it’s not a “highschool drama” slashed with super heroes gig. Seriously, there’s alot of those happening these days…and it’s just annoying. However, I’m going to be hopeful and will definetly be watching it, the artwork looks interesting as well.

sean aka cheeks is the character designer…he also did hellboy…ive loved his art for years…such a stylistic approach. check his deviantart out

It’s nice and interesting, just not for everything. Especially for Transformers.

That would require American animation studios to consider 2-D being useful, and then actually get animators who can animate in 2-D and draw very well consistently. That won’t happen.

-Disclaimer- I do not mean to say that all American animation studios are talentless, because that’s incredibly wrong and misinformed to say. What I am saying is that normally the character design/style that American studios pick are incredibly simple and sometimes (sometimes) uninspiring. The other case is that they come up with something interesting but can’t afford to animate it well.

nah it’s stated as being targeted towards a younger audience(like before the world gets thrown on his shoulders), also it starts with him shortly after he gets his power iirc.

i dont think he worked on that piece of crap.

The Vulture is voiced by Robert Englund. Nice.

I rather watch '90s Spiderman tas reruns

How… appropriate. :devil:

So go do that then… :confused:

I’ll prolly give it a try through… maybe I’m just getting old & cranky:rofl:

It’s ok, I’m young and cranky :woot:

Hopefully this time Spidey will get to punch people. And pidgeons. I want some pidgeon punching action this time around.


It looks like shit. The art style seems to follow this popular pseudo-anime style that pisses me off. Please stop raping my childhood. Where the hell is the character detail?

Man, give me the early 90’s cartoons. This looks like pure dumbed down shit. Watch spiderman be 13 years old in this cartoon,