RIP Teena Marie


Legend of the game. Square Biz, Lovergirl, I Need Your Lovin’, Out On A Limb, Ooo La La La that everyone knows from the Fugees sample, Fire & Desire with Rick James. One of if not the baddest white girl to ever do it.


Damn, I know a big fan of hers. I hope he’s alright after hearing this…



I know Rick James waitin for her in Heaven…

R.I.P. Lady T… :sad:


:frowning: damn damn rip I just found out from moms. I guess ill cue on fire and desire :shake:


With a crack pipe.


Man…what’s with all these celebs dying on or after Christmas? My father blasted Square Biz on the regular, saddened by this…RIP


Glad to see some respect for Lady T up on here. R.I.P. the original lady of blue eyed soul.

Your forgot Portugese Love!


RIP. :sad: @ all the 70s/80s Quiet Storm artists dying off…


Teena Marie, known as ‘Ivory Queen of Soul,’ dies - Yahoo! News


:sad::sad::sad: Mom told me late yesterday, I thought she got her news mixed up. Damn man I feel bad for her family, she definitely got major playtime in my household when I was coming up, rip :/.


RIP Tina Marie


I didn’t really know her, but R.I.P. Some of her tunes I have heard but didn’t know it was her. She’ll be missed.



RIP good music