RIP The Cave

Today was the last day of Ottawa’s last arcade. It was the bastion of Ottawa’s Street Fighter community. It was our symbol of skill across Canada. It has been our living ideals on Street Fighter.

It has been the point of reference for every Street Fighter combat in Ottawa. It has been the battle grounds for epic cross nation wars. It has been the meeting place for someone every night for at least a year. It has been our safety and security for good games.

It has been our humble host. It has been our convenience and victim. It has been our pride and pleasure. It has performed services for us that no human could ever provide. It has been our teacher, our playground, our enlightenment, our secret.
It has been given many names.

Whatever they are; we all recognize its value.

And today we will give it another,

for today it is dead.

In loving memory,

RIP The Cave.

July 18th, 2008

Word up.

I remember the first time I went down to the Cave, looking around with the same expression as a child on Christmas. “Holy crap, they have this game here? And that one? AND THAT ONE TOO? THIS PLACE IS AWESOME!” I went pretty often, didn’t play all that much for a while. I remember the tournament in December though when I brought my shit for the CvS tourney, and when I met most of you guys, some of the coolest guys I ever met. Easily the best time I had at the Cave. Awesome shit all around.

I know I hadn’t been there for some time, but I wish I had gone more often. Too late for that now, though.

RIP Cave. Gone, but not forgotten.