RIP Tony Scott, Top Gun director


Jumped off of a bridge, the cops apparently know why but haven’t said anything.


Why didn’t he just pull up…


I guess he had the need…


Now he is truly in the Danger Zone…


R.I.P. director of one of the most manly of films. In Heaven, your wingmen will NEVER abandon you.



He had recently found out that he had inoperable brain cancer.


didn’t that happen to cole trickle


Fucking shit. Now I will never get to see Top Gun 2.


He also directed True Romance and to his credit he stuck very closely to Tarantino’s script.



turns out he didn’t have inoperable brain cancer lol abc news


Heard about this in the morning. This is very random news, shame he saw this as a solution. R.I.P.


I got trolled…


This would be more relevant if it was a good director. On the flip side however, why do shit directors like Uwe Boll never die?


… Well…“manly” except for that one beach volleyball scene where dudes are playing in cutoffs and sunglasses.


And the underwear-only bathroom conversations, which come across as a parody of the “girls always talk in the bathroom” trope.

And the guy who wants some butts.


One of my 7th grade teachers was in the volleyball game (he’s barely on camera though). I bet he mentioned that all the fucking time to pick up hot 80s babes.


Last Boy Scout is a classic, that’s for sure, and the un-edited Revenge, with Costner, has some interesting stuff in.


news flash. Suicide don’t get u into Heaven.

Humanity is scum:


true, but He did go tear up ol’ girls’ ass afterward though. That’s how you save the day.

hmmm. I hadn’t thought of that. That may negate the R.I.P. too. Damn…

…Those people should be pushed off the bridge too. :tdown: See if they like for someone to sell footage of them dying.



the hard deck is at-- oh…