RIP Toonami banner

could someone make me a standard size banner? something dope. I dont have anything in mind as long as it says "R.I.P. Toonami"
I should probably post toonami images

What’s the dimensions of a banner? :confused:

sorry 450x150 is a reasonable size. :sweat:

Coo’. I’ll try one in a lil bit.

Thanks bro’!

this is gonna be so cool :wonder:

I know!

Open to others! LoL. I was busy doing some last minute errands [and playing GGPO, I’m not going to lie]. I’ll make one though. Soon…soon.

:lol: I understand

Here you go BaSiK.

Thanks to Vegett0 for sources and critique. :dap:


Once again the sas kicks ass