Rise of Incarnates (Full Release - 1st July 2015) - F2P 2v2 Arena Combat


So…I haven’t seen a thread about this hovering around anywhere yet since the big official release and thought I’d try and introduce a couple people to this as I think the concept for this game is something I’ve wanted for a damn long time. It’s a F2P game with a slightly annoying “Pay-to-win” aspect regarding in-game power ups like increased life, defences and other “perks” but it’s all attainable through in-game currency also so don’t be deterred by it, I’m already 2million “LP” up and I can afford a metric fuckton of the top tier perks. It’s definitely an annoyance, but for the F2P model to work I suppose things like that need to be incorporated; it isn’t a complete “Money = You have huge advantage” though, as the perks are easily obtainable for everyone.


Above is just a quick overview of every character.

To explain how it plays, it is essentially a beat em’ up team-based arena combat game? In two teams consisting of two players you face off against one another with two stock bars of six(Consider this your teams life reserve), you have the ability to choose from one stock, two stock, or three stock characters. Each results in more power and health but if you die you lose a lot of stock for your team. There are cancel techniques, unique melee attacks, specials attacks and signature skills that make each character feel unique and they vary in playstyle. It isn’t something you can take super in-depth because it lacks heavily in well…everything fundamental for a fighter. It’s just a lot of fun to play and feels like an online Devil May Cry - it shines when you play together with a friend and get some solid teamwork going on though.

Give it a try, it’s up on Steam for free now - you’ll have access to every character for 2 weeks and trust me you’ll be able to afford all of them if you play for more than 6 hours.