Rise Of Incarnates

This is an upcoming free to play pc fighting game

Looks real fun

stupid name for a game

So basically EXVS but with original characters instead of Gundams?

Reminds me of that Marvel fighting game Rise of the Imperfects. That said, it might be fun. There needs to be more fighters on PC.

Pretty much, watching gmeplay footage it’s pretty much just a reskinned EXVS

I love it. Finnally a Namco fighting game for PC.

It kinda reminds me, in some ways, the Dragonball Z fighting game that Namco also made .

What exactly is the issue with the Gundam IP? Are there any licensing issues (which sounds implausible)? Or is this just because they don’t think a F2P Gundam EXVS would sell in the West.

This game looks so similar to Anarchy Reigns (loved that game). Looks fun!

Music rights could possibly be a problem but mostly just they think a Gundam game won’t appeal in the west so we get these garbage character designs.

Anarchy Reigns multiplayer would’ve been so godlike if only it was functional. I can’t imagine this having as many special moves and a training mode like AR did though.

This is what the gameplay is gonna be like


It’s Namco, it’s F2P, it’ll be ruined by horrible cash transactions, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be as crazy as Anarchy Reigns so boourns I say.

A multiplayer videogame where you lose to lesser players who simply grinded or payed more than you. Hurray for F2P.

looks like a mix between Virtual-On and Anarchy Reigns. Pretty cool.

Will play, I sent my email to get an alpha registration, hopefully I’ll get chosen.

So this will compete with Archeblade.

Perhaps we’ll see more at E3.

This looks more like anarchy reigns than a fighting game, however it looks fun.

More gameplay