Rise Of Incarnates

Nothing really new. Just confirms what we know about it being Gundam EXVS but without Gundams.

The fact thati’s literally just Not EXVS makes me more annoyed we don’t get EXVS over here.

I predict that their marketing team will promote this as a MOBA-like experience. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to sign up for the alpha trial


Has anyone recieved a email yet for the alpha? supposed to start tomorrow.

I got mine and I’m in, but of course my computer can’t handle it. game runs like it’s underwater. there’s hardly any graphics settings to change.


Fun game. Runs well when people don’t have shit internet.

Game is a really shitty GvG. Melee is to fucking strong due to lack of steps, BRs sharing cooldown, dashing being shitty for ranged combat, and worse of all landing recovery always being the same regardless of how much boost meter you have.

You seem to hate every EXVS-like game because it isn’t 1:1 with EXVS/Zenkai. Melee being strong is a good thing, you can still do a lot to interrupt it and there’s clashing in this game.

No I don’t hate eery EXVS like game, no diea where you’re getting that from.

And melee being good in this game is due to really stupid factors that make it a bad game. Due to landing being garbage at all times, no being able to combo shots into a knockdown, vertical tracking being to strong, and NO STEP melee is far and away the best way to fight and will stay that way if things don’;t change.

Brett has a very good breakdown on why the mechanics right now are pretty shit which is sad cuz hey got so much right with EXVS

Not really sure where I should put my impressions / suggestions, but I’ll include them here. I’m assuming the dev team is familiar with Gundam EXVS, so I’ll be borrowing some terms. Please ask if they need clarifying:

  1. Currently, the internal cooldown for rapidly firing your Ranged Shot (Main) is not removed when you Boost Dash cancel. Attempting to link Main >> Main >> Main is the same as if you were standing still firing Main over and over again. It generally won’t combo unless the opponent is standing still. I suggest having it remove the internal cooldown, like EXVS, so you can properly get knockdowns from firing basic ranged shots

  2. As a result, the main way to combo off of your Ranged Attack is by cancelling into one of your specials, often Special Attack 1, a move which causes stalling unlike on-angle Ranged Attacks (generally). Unfortunately, these SP1’s are generally NOT Boost Dash cancellable at the moment, making them needlessly unsafe to use both offensively and defensively. Other moves, such as Grim Reaper’s turnaround Ranged Attack, are also randomly not BD cancellable, which makes them feel extremely weak. Please make the Boost Dash cancellable!

As a result of points 1 and 2, ranged-based play is extremely sluggish and unrewarding, making it quite frustrating.

  1. There are no sidesteps at all. The concept of guidance/tracking is one of the core EXVS system mechanics that holds a lot of meaning, and the ability to cut it with sidestepping helps players understand its important. Without sidesteps, the game is much more one dimensional as there is basically nothing you can do in certain situations other than block due to the lack of sidesteps. Being unable to sidestep also makes for much less variation in air options due to the lack of fuwastep (sidestepping and immediately jumping in the air). Please add them into the game!

  2. Landing recovery is the same regardless of the amount of boost you landed with, unlike in EXVS. The default landing recovery is extremely long, which makes early landings very unsafe. This means that defense in general is extremely one dimensional, and there is much less of an emphasis on spacing due to the limited ways you can safely land. Having landing recovery scale with boost is a large majority of what makes EXVS such a great system. I understand that simply reducing global landing recovery will make it hard to punish people at all, but this just makes the game feel extremely restrictive without much gain - please consider how the scaling system of EXVS allows for both vulnerability and fluidity.

More personal opinions / based on playing the game:

  • The amount of options each character has is very limited., on top of the limited ways to get knockdowns - at least one more Special Attack or a Charge Shot would be nice.

-. The overall velocity / movement feels slow and floaty - it doesn’t feel very fast paced as a result.

  • Due to the lack of sidestepping and poor ranged risk/reward, melee feels quite strong. This is also due to there being no vertical angle requirement for being in proper lock, making escaping vertically much less viable of an option

  • Customized messages would be a great addition if possible (The F1-F4 commands)

  • Being able to see what delay setting the match is being played at would be very helpful - it often feels like the game is running very sluggishly but it’s hard to tell how much is input delay, netcode, or client-side performance.

  • Maps are also a bit small, though this may be due to an intent to make the game feel more close-ranged based. If that’s the case, even more reason to add in sidestepping / step cancelling, as it creates more options and depth in melee range.

I understand that this game ISN’T Gundam EXVS, but it’s obviously based around the same system, by the same company. Though Rise of Incarnates may be heading in a different direction, the Gundam Versus series has gone through many iterations to end up where it is today as an amazing system, something that should really be considered more in this game’s development. You already have the Cost System, Boost, Lock, Guidance, Weapons, practically all these other features are identical to EXVS - you might as well make sure to include in the other integral system mechanics that make things coherent.

Though this game is still in Alpha, considering it’s been released to some degree, it’s fair that we give as frank input as possible. If they do simply add in things like sidesteps or proper BD cancelling, then that’s great. But it needs to be said, because the thought of this game getting officially released anywhere near the state it’s currently in would be a huge disappointment.[/details]

I can agree with some of those points, mainly in making it less floaty and adding variable boost landing times.
My main complaint is that I can’t really do F1-F4 stuff on arcade stick. It controls pretty badly on arcade stick in general, hope they fix that.


The more footage I see of this game the more I get mad at it.

They’re working on it at least. The beta should be a lot better.

Game got patched to remove all the relevant game files, but it added a .txt with a little note.


report whatever issues you had with the game

Hope the game gets better. Right now it seems like a poor man’s gundam exvs.

Game looks fun, Hope they show more characters and stages soon

depth is not its strong suit. kinda gimped armored core/gundam game

New characters

Looks pretty sweet. I hope my pc can handle it.
BTW, that tron character is my main lol.